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Jun 23, 2013 06:40 PM

Oyster Farms, on the way to Anacortes

Looking for a place north of Seattle that replicates—or at least approaches—the experience of eating oysters right out of the water, a la Taylor Shellfish Farms. Anyone know of a good spot?

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  1. The Oyster Bar just south of Bellingham, on the scenic historic Pacific Hwy (now called Chuckanut Drive: has a good reputation:

    But I can't vouch for how they'd compare with other establishments.

    Another well-known restaurant for its oyster dishes is Xinh's Clams & Oyster House in Shelton, west of Tacoma:

    Willows Inn, on Lummi Island just west of Bellingham Bay, is more a $$$ destination (or homage) for serious foodies:

    And a detailed, 5-part blog review of them:

    1. You can actually go to Taylor Shellfish North farmstore, and buy oysters there (plus other local fish and shellfish) and shuck them at a picnic table... Right down the road from Lotus Rapper's reccomendation.

      I would hit up both while driving down Chuckanut!

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      1. re: gingershelley

        Didn't even know about Taylor. Thanks GS :-)

      2. Hey, KJ:

        Don't miss Blau's on Samish Island. No website, but Blau's has been successfully farming oysters and feeding Skagitonians for a very long time.

        This is *not* a resto. The several in tiny nearby Edison do that very well.

        IIWY, I'd buy a 25-pound bag of XSs and a knife, find a nice beach, and knock yourself out.


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          1. re: LotusRapper

            Well, for a 25-pound bag, I'd recommend *at least* one partner. Oysters aren't exactly onanistic...

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              [had to look up that word ....]

              Are geoducks ? ;-)

              1. re: LotusRapper

                Hey, LR:

                Not even remotely. They're absolute sluts:

                "Females release as many as ten batches of eggs a year, or 50 million potential geoducks apiece. The ladies are fecund for a century, meaning they can produce a whopping 5 billion eggs in their lifetime." See, http://community.seattletimes.nwsourc...

                Also far and away the largest biomass in Puget Sound.


        1. Taylor Shellfish Farms now has a store in Seattle. We stopped by last week before we flew out of town & brought some home. There's otherwise not a fresh oyster within hundreds of miles of where we live...

          Taylor Shellfish Farms, 1521 Melrose.