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Jun 23, 2013 06:36 PM

Eating in Barcelona on a small budget

I will be in Barcelona for 3 days before the start of a conference in July. I am staying near Passeig de Gracia but, I'm a big cyclist and will have a bike and expect to explore vast distances !! Its my second short visit to Barcelona. I am not only on a small budget but normally would prefer eating in a market stall or small tapas bar, something casual and delicious and "authentic". Could you recommend some places in the Boqueria that I might miss otherwise (and specific dishes) and should I also go to Mercado de la Libertad? Thanks for any help

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  1. Just leaving barcelona tomorrow, I can tell you that in the boqueria, el quim is very good but not super cheap. As far as cheaper places, we ate tapas at jaica in barcoloneta, good seafood, casa jacinta has great meatballs, and there is great jamon iberico available all over the city at varying prices; picnics are a great option! You get what you pay for with the jamon but better prices away from la boqueria.

    1. Is Romesco (Carrer de Sant Pau, 28) still considered good cheap chow ?

      I went there once of the first time I was in BCN and it was fun and good.

      1. I'd highly recommend La Palerma, vey close to where you're staying. Tasting menu is choice of 3 out of 6 starters and 3 out of 6 second plates + dessert for 21,50 E. Incredible food, all small plates.