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Jun 23, 2013 05:34 PM

Touristy trip to NYC, still with food on the mind

Hi all,

We're headed to NYC soon with our 10-year-old daughter to do-it-up tourist-style. We'll be staying at the Hilton Times Sq. (I'm tired already) and seeing sights like ESB, Top of the Rock, the Zoo, Natural History museum, etc. Despite the tourist theme of this trip, we remain dedicated to good, off-the-beaten path (read: non-chain) food. Our favorites when w/our kid are casual and less expensive: Chinese, Italian, New York pizza, bagels, hot dogs, etc., so I'd love recommendations for hole-in-the-wall/less mainstream but delicious places near major landmarks.

Extra wrinkle. Because of a newly diagnosed major intolerance, I'm not forced to eat gluten-free, so extra points for restos w/good GF options. Are my pizza and bagel dreams dashed?



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  1. If you'll be in Greenwich Village, go to Keste for pizza (Bleeker Street). They are my favorite pizza place and they have gluten free options. While there, check out Murrays Cheese shop & Cheese Bar across the street. Down the block is Grom which is incredible for gelato. There is also a place called risotteria right around there that is known for it's gluten free options if you get stuck. Enjoy!

    1. see my post on fathers day.........the Brooklyn smorgasbord may be too outta the way,..but the Seaport can be fun and the walk thru Battery Park up the hudson she might like as well

      1. I'd be wary of Chinese unless you know there won't be soy sauce involved. For Italian, might be tricky, as I've hear some restaurants forget not to cook GF pasta in the same gluten-filled pasta water as other dishes. For pizza, I think Keste would work since they specifically use a different oven & pizza paddle, IIRC. ONLY Monday and Tuesday, too. But overall I would think classic NY style pizza, bagels, and hot dogs (unless eaten w/o bun) are out.

        Near Times Square, try Toloache or 5 Napkin Burger. I've heard Nizza also has a GF menu.

        Near the ESB, walk over to Hill Country BBQ. Or go east and south over to Curry Hill, where you can items like dosa at Chennai Garden. I think there's also a SMAC a little north of there, with GF pasta. As is Bistango.

        Near the Top of the Rock, Bill's Burger (GF buns), or perhaps a halal cart like Kwik Meal or the Halal Guys. The starch component is rice, not bread. Maybe the Biryani cart.

        Not sure if you're referring to the Central Park Zoo (small, not really impressive, not in a great neighborhood for eats) or the Bronx Zoo.

        Near the Natural History Museum, go to Nice Matin (sister to Nizza) which has a separate GF menu. And definitely check out the G-Free NYC store.