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Jun 23, 2013 05:15 PM


Our first time. Who has been? thoughts?

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  1. Only been for lunch at the bar. Beautiful room, great view, so-so food.

    1. i think that the food is terrific, but chacun son goute.

      And i eat at the top restaurants in Manhattan regularlly.

      1. Absolutely great place to dine. Slightly less formal than the adjacent Jean George dining room-actually I've been there in jeans and polo shirt and it was fine-however it still is in my opinion a fancy place. I love sitting at the bar and dining. Bar snacks are always a nice touch although very addicting. My favorite dishes to get there are the tuna tatare-which I consider the best in the city. Salads always a great starter as well. Their poached lobster is also one of my favorite main courses-be warned-it's very filling-which is a good thing! Extemely attentive staff but not overbearing and very knowledgeable sommoliers. All of Jean Georges are class acts (Except I don't particularly care for Spice Market's food).

        1. I've been -- and liked it very much the 3 times I have dined there. Service was accommodating, atmosphere was pleasant without being too over the top elegant, and the food was fine.
          If you want to go a step above, run across the street to Marea which is more sophisticated with an accent on seafood done perfectly.

          1. I do like the food at Nougatine as well. If you sit at the bar, you can request the Jean-Georges dining room menu. But only at the bar.