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Jun 23, 2013 04:35 PM

Which is the original Little Richards BBQ?

Poking around on the internet, it seems there are two factions of Little Richards, each with their own website and locations. So which one is the original-- or which one is considered the best?

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  1. Pretty sure it's the one on Country Club Road in Winston-Salem. I think the one in Wallburg has the same owner. Are there others?

    1. The Country Club Rd. location is the original. The Clemmons location was opened by 2 of the 3 founding partners, so it lays claim to the "original" title as well although it wasn't the first. Which is best depends on who you ask--both have their supporters who swear by them. I can't tell a difference in the barbecue between the two locations--both are very worthy and are good representatives of the Lexington style. While I'm an eastern NC barbecue guy, I do like their barbecue given that I can't find the "real thing" around here. ;) The Clemmons location has a much broader menu, including very good BBQ chicken, ribs, and an array of country-style vegetables. But if you're just going for barbecue, either is fine.