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Which is the original Little Richards BBQ?

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Poking around on the internet, it seems there are two factions of Little Richards, each with their own website and locations. So which one is the original-- or which one is considered the best?

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  1. Pretty sure it's the one on Country Club Road in Winston-Salem. I think the one in Wallburg has the same owner. Are there others?

    1. The Country Club Rd. location is the original. The Clemmons location was opened by 2 of the 3 founding partners, so it lays claim to the "original" title as well although it wasn't the first. Which is best depends on who you ask--both have their supporters who swear by them. I can't tell a difference in the barbecue between the two locations--both are very worthy and are good representatives of the Lexington style. While I'm an eastern NC barbecue guy, I do like their barbecue given that I can't find the "real thing" around here. ;) The Clemmons location has a much broader menu, including very good BBQ chicken, ribs, and an array of country-style vegetables. But if you're just going for barbecue, either is fine.