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Jun 23, 2013 03:56 PM

Mohegan Sun

Going soon, any recommendations on the best place to eat? I'll probably end up at the buffet but is there some place I just shouldn't pass up?


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  1. Unless it's free - you SHOULD pass up the buffet.

    Then again, even if it's free - skip the buffet. For the most part, it's terrible.

    On a positive side, it's a good location to try a Pepe's clam pizza.

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      1. re: Clams047

        Have you tried the buffet since the remodel? It's actually rather good now.

        1. re: ratbuddy

          Went today to the buffet and unfortunately wasn't thrilled (we did have a pass only for the buffet that needed to me used)

          - oh well next time I know what to try, thanks!

          and ty for the heads up on the asian food court, was looking over there - glad I didn't go in.

      2. Go with Bobby Flay's - Bar American... It's always great! Not to pricey, and you could order anything. check out that menu and Michael Jordans steak house online as well. ( they have much more besides steak...good food, way better then buffet! )

        1. Higher end:
          Bar Americain
          MJ's Steakhouse

          Bobby's Burger Bar

          I have found all of the above to be consistently very good.

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          1. re: mels

            From my last trip to Mohegan a couple weeks ago:

            First I went to the Asian food court right when I got there, I got the Vietnamese Pho and some steamed duck buns. This was an experiment just to see what was going on there, as I rarely saw non-Asians eating there.

            The Pho was just ok; broth didn't have that signature aroma which left me feeling sad, but they did go all out and have the tripe, tendons, brisket, raw slices of round, and meatballs in the soup.

            The steamed buns were pretty decent, but just FYI, everything there is packaged in plastic to-go containers, and the prices, while reasonable compared to a nice sit-down place, are not exactly in-line with the zero-frills, zero-service experience of ordering at a cash register, paying, waiting for your number to appear on the board, and then picking up your tray. (you clean your own table up as well)

            Later that night I ate at the bar at Hash House a Go Go and got a truck driver special which includes an absolutely gigantic pancake. I got the bananas and brown sugar pancake and it was pretty damned awesome if you don't mind your breakfast food sweet.

            Sort of like eating donuts, the first couple are delicious and then all of a sudden you don't even want to look at one. I made it through about 2/3 of it before getting totally sick of it. :)

            Figured I'd share since these were some more off-the-wall choices over the traditional spots or the buffet.

            I had heard the buffet had gone through a reboot; nice to hear some positives about it, maybe I'll check it out.

            I do find it to be a very different experience here rather than Vegas, where the casinos have to fight to keep you there so they have to offer good food at good prices or you'll just bounce... if you're at Mohegan, you can't exactly just walk down the strip to the next casino, so the dynamic is a bit different.