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Jun 23, 2013 03:13 PM

Where to buy tapioca flour in Winston-Salem?

I've looked in Whole Foods and Fresh-whatever-their-name-is,

in the starch section next to the arrowroot,
in the specialty flours next to the rice,
in theBob's Red Mill display,
and in the "International"/Latin/Caribbean/African sections.

I don't care if you call it fufu or manioc or cassava or yuca, label it in Spanish or Portuguese or Swahili, and I'll happily drive to anywhere in town to get it -- I just need a good 3 lbs!

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  1. Oriental Oasis is a little hole in the wall Asian grocery store that likely carries it.

    But, you might be better served driving about 25min to the SuperG Mart in Greensboro. It is super inexpensive there, and they also carry many other varieties of alternative flours, such as besan.

    1. oriental oasis should have it. If not try compare foods a few blocks away before driving to Greensboro. compare is at the intersection of Buchanan and Silas creek