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Jun 23, 2013 01:09 PM

Loire Valley restaurants

We will be in the Loire Valley for 4 nights August 23-August 27. We are looking for both rustic and fine dining. We are planning to stay in Chinon for two nights and around Amboise for the other two nights. Do you have any sugggestions? We are thinking of staying at Le Fleuray about 12 km from Amboise. The hotel offers half board so before we sign up to have dinner there for two nights I want to find out how good it is. Have any of you chowhounds eaten there?

Also if you have some good caves (wineries) to stop at, I would like to hear about that too.

We are going to Paris for 8 nights (I know August isn't the greatest). Have a reservation for Spring and after I read the boards, I will be asking for suggestions for Paris too.


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  1. We have stayed at Domaine des Hauts de Loire in Onzain twice and had dinner there both times ( multiple nights each trip). The first was on our honeymoon; the second time, 10 years later with our Children ( diners looked worried as we entered, but our kids know when to sit quietly and we got several compliments).

    Don't know if they take dinner-only Resv, but I assume so. We had one memorable meal after another.

    Now the Caveat..........we were married in 1980, so any info may have changed over time.....your mileage may vary!

    1. For an unusual appellation go to Bonnezeaux, about an hour west from Chinon and next door to the area of Quarts de Chaume. For my money best area for chenin blanc anywhere, try to visit Marc Angeli, the current darling of the appellation. In Chinon try to visit Charles Joguet a great maker of Chinon.

      1. Off your proposed course, but a lovely stopping place: La Ferme Blanche in Cussay, south west of Loches. Very nice accommodations. We stayed in the Four au Pain, a large airy two room suite, DH declared the most romantic room we've booked. This is a chambre d'hote, so breakfast is included and dinner is available by reservation.

        Our experience was slightly odd in that Madame had an evening engagement so our dinner was a little rushed, and we left very early for a brocante, so breakfast was squeezed also. But the property is superb and Madame is adorable and welcoming.