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Jun 23, 2013 12:52 PM

Best grilled cheese & tomato bisque?

Where can I find great examples of this delicious and classic combination? No seafood in the soup, please.

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  1. I have no personal experience, but, I'd be inclined to try Delux. The soup on Monday is roasted garlic and tomato bisque.

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    1. Postino (when they have their tomato bisque as their soup of the day)

      1. Beckett's does a nice job. roasted red pepper in the soup. nice touch. I like the grilled cheeses at Sportsmans and Grazie (lunch only) as well. Grazie does this oven baked panini type with provolone,fontina, asiago, gorgonzola and mozz. Soup when it's colder. absolutey killer bread in the wood oven. The best tomato soup I've had is probably Houston's, but no grillie there.

        1. K'Odonnel's does a yummy grilled cheese with a tomato-basil dipping sauce that tastes like a well reduced soup. It sounds odd, but its delicious.

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              Had this today, it was pretty good. The dipping sauce was much better than the usual tomato dipping sauce. The "fresh cut" fries weren't (fresh), however.

              I was bummed out when I noticed that Al's Beef (next door) is out of business.

            2. I would check out wedge and bottle as well

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                I went in there once and didn't notice they served hot sandwiches, probably because there was nowhere for a diner to sit when I was there.