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Jun 23, 2013 12:22 PM

Wenzhou Chinese in Belleville

We decided to go to Belleville for lunch. We wanted Chinese and figured we can find any kind of Chinese there. It started to pour so we just went into a Wenzhou Chinese place. In the middle of the block on the stretch of rue Belleville. It looked real nasty and dirty upon walking in but the food was actually quite good. We had these scallion pancakes stuffed with a sweet Chinese pickeled vegetable and the fried pork buns. I saw tons of them upon waking in but when we ordered, they were sold out. So I settled for the ones made out of rice flour. They were all really good. Good consistency and good filling. Also had a bowl of pork rib noodles. The soup base was flavorful and the ribs were soft. Some of the best egg noodle i have had in paris so far. Family had wonton noodle but my wife said they skimped on the filling but otherwise a good bowl of wonton noodles.
We would go back but they are pretty dirty and sloppy looking. When we were walking back to the car we saw some other Wenzhou noodle places that looked a lot cleaner and nicer. Will probably try that next time.

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  1. Thank you for your generosity for sharing your experience, but may I ask you to be more precise with your info than just "a Wenzhou Chinese place. In the middle of the block on the stretch of rue Belleville" on rue Bellevile ? it's like telling us we should absolutely try a bistro in Paris.
    I can't wait to try your "Wenzhou Chinese place. In the middle of the block on the stretch of rue Belleville". Your description is right on, your precision sucks mildly.

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      I'm not very verbose, I apologize. I am Also trying to recall just on memory and unfortunately don't read Chinese. And I know they didn't have a card! Hehe
      I'll do better next time.

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        The restaurant surely has a sign outside ? Well, thank you for sharing.

      2. re: Parigi

        I would have no problems being descriptive in NYC or Tokyo. But in still new to Paris! Hehe

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          Verbosity is especially not necessary.
          You don't need to write War & Peace. (And we certainly don't want that.) I thought you had wanted to steer us to good eateries. You mean you are only saying: "You have to be there, and you have to be me"?

          1. re: Parigi

            I do want you folks to try it for yourselves and get your opinions on it. But I seriously did not get the signage. Sorry. But it's the sloppy Wenzhou in the middle of the block.

      3. All the restaurants on that stretch of rue de Belleville (starting from the boulevard upwards, right-hand sidewalk) are Wenzhou. The food markets are all Wenzhou. Everything around there is Wenzhou.
        (Except a couple of markets and a Cantonese restaurant at the lower left corner of the street, but these are all on the left side of the street).

        By the way, the Cantonese restaurant has some decent dim sum if you're interested. Don't go to Le Pacifique a couple of blocks uphill, it used to have a reputation for dim sum but it now sucks big time.

        So yes, I'm eager to hear some more specific information, since some of these restaurants are better than the others. I've been told about a good one called - duh - Wenzhou.

        1. Could dingaling be talking about the Wenzhou Cafe? It is very small, they have a take out counter where they sell greasy roasted bun among other things on the left when you walk in. Their "smoked duck noodle" used to be good but tasted down right bad with a very "strange" taste when I ordered it again last year.
          There is also another Wenzhou place, this one much bigger, with tables of take out dishes on the left where you can make your choice at 3 Euros50cts (last year price) a small box. Large choice, some of the dishes are quite good, but too much MSG! One can also opt to have a sit down meal at the tables on the right when you walk in.
          These two places are on the right when walking up the rue de Belleville, coming from the Boulevard de B. and after the two big supermarkets one of then named "Bonjour"
          Hope this helps


          Could you please give us the name of the Cantonese restaurant with good dimsum? Is it on the left side of the street when coming out of the Metro, like Le Pacific? If so, is it before or after Le Pacific, coming from the Metro.
          Thank you!

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          1. re: rieu

            Yes, absolutely. It is called Tai Yien and it is the first restaurant on the left side of the street. So it is before Le Pacifique coming from the Metro. The dim sum are more than correct, far better than those now served at Le Pacifique IMO. I have been less impressed with their roasted duck and pork belly, though they were really good a few years ago. I suppose too much roast goose in Canton has made me picky.

            1. re: Ptipois

              Thank you for the information! (I just saw your reply which went to my spambox!) Funny you should mention it! I too have noticed that for the past 2 years the Pekinese Duck at Le Pacifique is not what it used to be. Over all I find the quality there has gone down quite a bit.
              If Tai Yien is the very first one on the street, at a corner, then we used to go there until we found Le Pac. Guess it's time to go back to T.Y