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Jun 23, 2013 11:25 AM

Auburndale eats

Recently moved to the neighborhood and looking for worthwhile local spots. It seems to be a content void on CH, and perhaps for good reason, but I thought I'd share my (limited) impressions thus far:

Wally's Ice Cream - some interesting favors. They get their ice cream from a Massachusetts supplier whose name I didn't recognize. I like the base better at Coney Island in West Newton, but the flavor selection/quality at Wally's.

Boca Bella - Underwhelming lunch experience featuring very slow service and a turkey burger that seemed like frozen restaurant supply fare, which was disappointing given their semi upscale pricing and descriptions. The dinner menu looked like it could be decent if executed well, but haven't tried yet.

Knotty Pine - greasy spoon, it is what it is. Charming, with a small town diner vibe. Since we can walk here and have little kids, we will be back, but it's not really because of the food.

Toms Pizza - not been, looks Greek, have heard they do Sicilian slices.

Breadsong Bakery - Have only been by when they are closed thus far, interested if anyone has tried their bread or other products.

The Shaws, though not cheap, has been a pleasant surprise in quality and selection.

Anyone with experiences at any of these places care to fill in some blanks?

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  1. Take a short drive to West Newton and try Paddy's, a local favorite for solid comfort food (and solid drinks). And Blue Ribbon BBQ is around the corner, certainly worth a try to see if it hits your spot.

    1. Lots of options if you care to drive 5 minutes north to Waltham.
      In a Pickle for Breakfast,
      Guanachapi for great pupusas and any plates meals,
      Cafe on the common for coffee (obviously) and baked goodies,
      Food Court in the basement of India Market,
      Mulan for Chinese,
      The Gaff for beer,
      Lizzy's for ice cream,
      Solea for Tapas, and the list goes on....
      welcome to town.

      1. Should mention that we moved from Watertown and are very familiar with Watertown, Waltham and W. Newton options, was hoping to restrict this thread to Auburndale village, since I had never seen a post on any of the places I mentioned

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          I'm sorry. Auburndale Village is a little limited. For convenience and supporting local businesses, they are serviceable. I do like the Shaw's seafood department - better price than WF.

          1. re: winmeover

            No need to apologize, I should have clarified originally. Actually, am interested in The Gaff, I have walked past it a few times but never been in, what's their selection like?

            1. re: Ruprecht

              I love The Gaff - they take really scrupulous care of their beers, and I've never gotten a nasty pour from them. They've got a pretty big draft selection for a place that size, and get stuff I haven't seen elsewhere. I'm big on IPAs, and they usually have several I like on draft (Lagunitas, Troegs, Founders) and seem to have a good selection of Belgians. I'm pretty sure they have a few cask offerings as well. While the food isn't "artisanal" (the kitchen is the size of a phone booth) I like their food a lot - chicken based items are great, especially with their homemade buffalo sauce. Reuben fritters are also good, and hot dogs with crazy stuff on them like avocado, chili, and other items I can't remember.

              1. re: nsenada

                I have a different opinion of the quality of the beer at the Gaff. About half the time I've been there - about once a month in the last two years - I get some beer that is less than fresh. Doesn't seem like they move many kegs of the varieties I like to drink. A beer like Racer5 could be good one time, then 2-3 weeks later it's not nearly as good as if its still the same keg. I kind of stopped going after my last visit a few months ago when I had an outright disgusting Sierra Nevada Torpedo served to me. It was winey and had absolutely no hop character - it was like drinking craft beer in the 90's all over again. But fortunately Bison county stepped up their game a little, Joco's has decent craft beer now, and with the new Copper House Tavern there are other options.

                1. re: LStaff

                  Yikes - and if I had noticed Torpedo I would have ordered it. I guess my usuals have a higher turnover (might be due to my consumption level).

              2. re: Ruprecht

                nsenada said it all. Great place. They will let you try the beer before you commit which is very nice. The only shame is that they don't open for lunch everyday.

            2. re: Ruprecht

              I just brought some loaves of bread from Breadsong to a family week-end, and they went fast: whole wheat sourdough, pumpkin date, and oatmeal molasses. Less impressed with their "parties."

            3. Country Deserts on Lexington near River does nice pies

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                Good tip, this place looks so unassuming, I probably wouldn't have thought to try.

                1. re: Ruprecht

                  I heard their muffins are excellent as well. Only thing is their hours are early morning to mid-afternoon. And I have had the misfortune to go there during their normal hours of operation and find them shut.

              2. Breadsong is a hidden gem, so I would definitely try to hit them when they are open.

                Your initial impression is correct, there is little noteworthy that is directly in Auburndale. However, venture up Lexington Street ~1 mile, and you are on Moody Street in Waltham, chock full of Indian grocers and restaurants and countless other chow-worthy destinations.