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Jun 23, 2013 08:40 AM

Seattle for a Weekend

Two days breakfast, lunch and dinner. Would love suggestions. Staying downtown but will have a car. Coming from L A, so no Mexican or Asian please. Would also appreciate any recs. for Orcas island. Thanking you in advance.

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  1. I think Orcas Island has been well-covered in the separate thread you started on that subject a few days ago ( ). Any suggestions that might be made here are likely to be duplicative.

    Eliminating Asian and Mexican does not do much to narrow the endless possibilities for a short two day stay. Have you already read any of the countless other threads where visitors have received advice? What would be your favorite objectives for types of foods, neighborhoods you'd like to visit, etc.? Budget?

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      Thanks - I have read very informative threads. So far on my list (for two and a half days) Five Point for breakfast or lunch, Salumi for a snack and Toulouse Petiit for happy hour or dinner. Love Italian, Continental, seafood and Mediterranean. Not looking to spend more than $40 a person before drinks and dessert.

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        If you're looking for less expensive eats, checking out this thread would be helpful also.

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          I didn't think $40 a person before drinks and dessert was inexpensive. Maybe Seattle is more $ than L A?

    2. Try Mora on Bainbridge Island for ice cream. Take a nice, roughly 30-minute ferry ride from the Seattle Ferry Terminal, and Mora is under a twenty minute walk from where you disembark on Bainbridge.


      1. Ok, flowergirl, here are some thoughts.

        Spend day one downtown. Hit the Five Point for breakfast, submerge yourselves into Pike Place Market, do your lunch at Le Pichet ( ) and graze on the bites that abound in the market. Do Touluse Petit's happy hour as your initial early dinner, and then bounce up to Capitol Hill for some nightlife and great small plates and drinks at Quinn's ( ).

        Day two, fire up the automobile, and drive east on I-90 to have breakfast at Salish Lodge ( ) and see the spectacular Snoqualmie Falls ( ). Head back to the north end of the city and stop into Ray's Cafe ( ) for small plates and drinks looking out over Elliot Bay at lunch, and then make your way to The Walrus and The Carpenter ( ) for a quintessential Northwest modern seafood experience for dinner. Arrive early or expect a wait.

        If you have one more breakfast before going to Orcas Island, consider a return to Toulouse, or return to the market and enjoy the bay view at The Athenian ( ).

        Let us know your impressions of wherever you go, and enjoy your visit!

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          Sounds fantastic Gizmo! Thank You.

        2. For something different, try Cafe Soleil for dinner--Ethiopian food on white tableclothes! Aitura and Cafe Juanita are wonderful.