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Jun 23, 2013 07:38 AM

Super Fusion III (Watertown Square) - what happened?

We have eaten there before (at a table) and had a positive experience. Last night was Sat. and they were cranking, so we grabbed 2 seats at the bar. I have to say, having the view of the sushi working station was really off-putting in this place. It was filthy, both in and around the sushi workings and behind on the other counter they were using, and very cluttered. Food debris, thick dust on surfaces around everything. We shared a mixed green salad, the greens of which were not as perky as I would expect. The few maki were ordered were just ok. We were so turned off by the surroundings, that we found it difficult to be objective about the food.

Most sushi joints have wonderful sushi bars that are a pleasure to sit at. I know it's impossible to be perfectly immaculate, but if you are going to have customers sitting in a place where the food preparation is visible, the effort should be made to have it be presentable. The other time we were there we were at a table right in the front, so we didn't notice what was going on behind us. I really don't think we'll be back.

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  1. Science Chick, this is terrible news, especially because I find your reviews to be spot on. We've been Super Fusion customers for years but have found the quality to be inconsistent for about a year. One time it was outstanding and one time the fish seemed old and subpar.

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      Hmm, well thanks for confirming. I thought I must be getting "too picky" or grumpy. Glad to know I'm not the only one, but sad that we've lost a great spot on this side of town!!! :(

    2. Yah I ate there three months ago and it was WAY downhill. Fish was just barely edible.

      1. ugh. i was pretty attached to their take out on thursday nights this winter when i worked late.
        thats bad news.
        try new ginza -just as close, and immaculate.
        they might get my new winter thursday order :)