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Jun 23, 2013 07:27 AM

Coed baby shower for around 25 people in or around Cambridge

Looking for a fun casual place to have a coed baby shower around the Cambridge area.

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  1. Probably need to be a little more specific. What's the price point? Do you want alcohol? Is this brunch/lunch/dinner? I assume you want a private room? Any specific cuisine you want or don't want?

    1. I would like a private room. A brunch or lunch. A place where alcohol is available. Would like something american or italian for food. Price point - trying to stay around $20 -
      $25 per person.

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      1. re: coedshower

        My first two thoughts are Upstairs on the Square and Catalyst.

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          mead hall in kendall has an upstairs, solid american food, a full liquor license, a billion beers and fits your price point.

        2. hmm, fun casual, if you are in a private room, you are making your own fun, presumably! ha ha. two very different suggestions come to mind:
          la Hacienda on the somerville cambridge line, right near Twin City...they have a back room you can easily do typical italian buffet for that price point and I think their food is delicious, very old school, dark, wood panelling but with the right decorations, even a VFW can look ok. the other is Catalyst in Kendal, they too have private rooms but an a mugh higher price point, you can inquire on line. Good luck, please let us know what you end up doing, this question comes up all the time.

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            I always joke about that La Hacienda place on the way back from Target. Is it actually good? If so, I need to stop making jokes about it and eat there.

            1. re: mkfisher

              i'm wide-eyed that they do an italian buffet? :o

              1. re: mkfisher

                Their bar pizzas rival anything you can get south of the city. This is the individual size pizza. The small and large sizes are prepared differently.

                1. re: mkfisher

                  Excellent old school red sauce Italian and IMO the best pizza around!

                  1. re: momoftwo

                    lol ! no mexican food? what the what?

              2. thanks for all these suggestions. I have the Catalyst Rest. sending me info, mead hall looks fun but all the reviews focused on the beer and not food so not sure how the food really is. Going to call La Hacienda next. thanks for these ideas! tryed to call the Cellar since that looked alot like I was looking for but it was booked. also have Joes american bar and grill sending me stuff. Anyone ever go there for a private party?

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                  am in kendall often for movie matinees and mead hall has become a solid go-to for mid-afternoon food. not flashy and not reinventing the wheel, but executes consistently well. the beer program is ridiculous and they offer all sorts of small-batch and organic spirits.

                  would much rather there than joe's, fer sure.

                  1. re: hotoynoodle

                    Thank you everyone for all of these suggestions! I ended up booking with Mead Hall! I am very excited! Will let you know how we make out!