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Jun 23, 2013 07:25 AM

Best Portland restaurant for large group

Hi all! I have a party of ten looking for a place to eat on a Saturday night in Portland. Our only requirements are that they have plenty of vegetarian options, and that they can seat ten, obviously. A cocktail menu in addition to beer and wine would also be ideal. Thoughts? We really want to go to Boda, but I know how crazy that place gets.

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  1. Pepperclub ( has lots of vegetarian options, and could likely seat ten. They have beer and wine, but no cocktails.

    1. Pepperclub is a good bet (you can reserve the back room). Or try the Green Elephant--they can make a big table down the middle of the room. I don't think they have a full bar there either, though.

      1. Grace is a big place--much more enjoyable than squeezing 10 people into one of Portland's smaller restaurants. they usually have a couple of tasty vegetarian options and a good cocktail menu.

        Walter's would also meet your requirements--

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          Funny, I was also thinking of Grace for the same reasons.
          Was in Pai Men Miyake last night and counted a party of 9 having a good time though they looked pretty jammed in and, if it's hot outside, it can be boiling inside.
          There's also Local 188. Decent vegetarian options and it can comfortably accommodate 10.

        2. I'm going to suggest David's Restaurant as a possibility based on your criteria. Most restaurants in town have smaller menus and will have one or two veg entrees. David's has a larger menu that does include plenty of vegetarian options. They also have the space to comfortably accomodate a larger group and serve cocktails. For ease and something for everyone, this may be a good choice. While its been awhile since I've been there, I found the food to be, you know, pretty good. It is a place where you can eat well and have a good time. And right now, this owner/chef is on fire with his new restaurants which might mean good things for his original place.

          Good luck!