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Jun 23, 2013 07:10 AM

Ba Co Banh Mi

I noticed this new place in the HK Supermarket Food Court in Allston (the freestanding counter in the seating area, where that froyo used to be) a few weeks ago but just noticed they are selling groupons. They will have to put out a damn good product to draw sandwich business from Pho Viet's, as they are directly across the seating area from them.

Anyone tried their sandwiches yet?

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  1. I had a vegetarian chicken one, or something like that. I can't even remember if it was a patty or slices, I think a patty. Very meh. I was excited because they offered a lot of faux meat options, but the sole tofu option from Pho Viet's had them beaten by a long shot; I was regretting my choice as soon as I bit into it...

    1. Merely the latest in a long line of doomed entries in that space. Won't be there anymore by Labor Day.

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        But they worked so hard getting someone with no review history to write them a Yelp review that says "better than Ba Le"...

      2. I was also excited about the faux meat options! Unfortunately, their sandwiches were pretty gross. The 'meat' was flabby and soggy, and it was drenched in something that tasted like watered down BBQ sauce, plus the sandwich was really greasy. I tried them about two months ago (not long after they opened), so I don't know if there were kinks they were working out - but in my opinion, it's a waste to eat there when Pho Viet is so close!