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Ethiopian food in downtown DC

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Where is a good place for Ethiopian food here in DC? Would prefer either U Street or Adam's Morgan, but can metro or cab to other places in downtown DC.

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  1. If you go to U Street you can dine at one of the best Ethiopian restaurants in DC: Etete. Low-key and delicious.

      1. Still haven't been but apparently the best spot these days in Zenebech Injera.

        1. Went to Etete last night with 3 foodies and everyone agreed that the meal was great. A couple of Wats (chicken and lamb) with veggies and some grilled beef (Tibs?). Great injera. Very reasonably priced. Great service.

          1. I also like Ettete. If you're adventurous, get the Kitfo and make sure to order it raw.

            1. zenebech injera on florida and 6th. it's a dive, but the food is good. what i like the best is if you get a sampler, every pile of food on the injera actually tastes different. they also have $2.50 beers (including imports) all day, every day.