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Jun 22, 2013 11:15 PM

Alhambra: Golden Shanghai--Closed? Soon to be Chengdu Taste?

Does anyone have any insight on what's going on with this place? Sign on door in My said they were temporarily closed, but now no such sign exists, and the awning has "Chengdu Taste" on it, though nobody was open for business.

Anyone know the story here? Thanks.

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  1. No story, just restaurant sold; suspicious, but enthusiastic, new ownership says Chengdu Taste opening tomorrow. Eater piece here:

    I was too lazy to ask much more than that.

    In other new Sizzling King has been rocking a new banner touting Singapore style Hainan Chicken Rice. I'm thinking it won't last into 2014.

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    1. re: TonyC

      Slightly off topic, but i'm waiting eagerly for the day a true teochew restaurant from teochew (as in, not passed through vietnam or SEAsia) opens. My tc friends have been posting their eats through swatow and i hate them so much.

      I also wouldn't mind a singaporean tc place

      1. re: blimpbinge

        It's too bad Teochew Restaurant was such a bad experience for you (edit: dreamcast apparently hated it). it seems the online reviews are still mixed, but they've picked up. would you never try again? otoh, i keep skipping anything else in that plaza because monja is still firing on all cylinders for me.

        1. re: TonyC

          oh no, I havent tried that, i mean an actual teochew restaurant in the 626 (not east sgv?) run by people from that province, and not the ones that have been away for a few generations.

          Still eager to try teochew restaurant, but have not gone to rowland in a long time, and if it was good, it would be a bit far to go really often haha

      2. re: TonyC

        has anyone tried their hainan chicken yet?