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Jun 22, 2013 11:12 PM

Where to buy small dried fava beans on the Westside to make ful medames

Anyone know where I can buy small dried fava beans on the Westside for making the Middle-Eastern bean dish known as ful medames?

I went to Gelsons and they had no dried fava beans at all and Whole Foods only had the large ones (it is my understanding that it is the small ones that are used for ful medames. They are called ful hamam and are smaller than the large fava beans commonly known in the United States.

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  1. You can always go to Amazon, type in "dried fava beans" and make your selection.

    1. Have you tried the Persian or Mediterranean markets? I can't specifically recall if the beans were large or small, but those markets do carry dried favas. Top Valu has a section of Mediterranean and Persian goods as well - might be worth checking...

      1. I have had more luck finding them canned, even in Middle-Eastern markets. Check the markets on Westwood Blvd near Shamshiri, Flame, etc. - they for sure have the canned ones, and probably also have the dry ones.

        I think even a lot of restaurants make it with canned beans; that's how I learned how to make it years ago from a friend whose dad was Egyptian.

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          Last time I went there they had two kinds of frozen fava beans.

        2. I'm sure that Payless International Market on Venice Blvd (just east of Overland) will have the canned version, but I suspect they will have dried as well.

          1. Super King in Northridge has them. They also have a location in Glendale. I know it's not the west side, but it's almost worth the trip to see this amazing super market. Their produce is amazing, things I've never seen before. Their selection of Hispanic and middle eastern goods is amazing. No Asian or high end yuppie stuff. But yeah, they have the small dried fava beans.

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            1. re: MarkC

              jeepers, i'd have to hate someone a lot to send them all the way from the west side to deal with the super king parking lot.

              1. re: linus

                Parking in Northridge isn't a problem.

                1. re: MarkC

                  good to know. calling the parking situation at the glendale super king a problem is a vast understatement.

              2. re: MarkC

                Thanks for the info about Super Kng. I doubt I will trek out to either Northridge or Glendale, but it is good to know should I ever happen to be in those necks of the woods.

                Do they sell cookware at Super King? I wonder if I could find those special pots that they apparently use in Egypt to cook the ful medames.

                1. re: omotosando

                  Yes, they have middle eastern utensils there. I will check for this cooking pot next time I'm there.

                  1. re: MarkC

                    Thanks MarkC. I have attached a picture of what is supposedly the dedicated metal pot that Egyptians use to cook their ful.

                    Bram cookware in Sonoma sells a similar clay pot made in Egypt, which perhaps would be even better, but I have not seen the metal pots anywhere.