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Jun 22, 2013 08:16 PM

Really really thin skirt steak

I bought some skirt steak intending to serve it as steaks tomorrow night. I happened to pull out the meat tonight and I know skirt steak is thin, but these cuts are extremely thin (max 1/8 inch, 1/10 in some areas, nearly see through). I'm used to a skirt steak which is at least 1/4 and usually up to 2/3-3/4 inch thick. I think I must have an inner skirt steak, rather than the outer skirt, but now I don't know what to do with it. Would it be a good idea to even try to sear it as a steak? My dinner guest requested steak so I'll perhaps have to pick up another option, but for this cut I'm thinking just slice it into strips and save for a quick stir fry perhaps, but wanted to find out if anyone had used a skirt of this thickness for steak before.

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  1. Never even seen it. You might do something rolled with a nice filling. I love thicker (nearly an inch) skirt steak seared, sprinkled liberally in salt and pepper and doused in red wine, removed from the pan while still rare, drizzled with the reduced salty, peppery wine. I slice it and serve it in a soup plate with frites and mayonnaise. I was thinking about adapting that to your thin cut by spreading it with duxelles and rolling it.

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      Good idea. My favorite way to enjoy skirt is exactly what you described which is why I know this cut just won't do it for me :)

    2. I have basically the same thing on hand. Tonight I cooked some of it up for a cold Asian rice noodle salad. After a 45 minute marinate I gave it a quick sear in a hot pan for maybe 30 seconds per side. I didn't get quite the sear I was hoping for so next time the pan's going to be screaming hot. But there was still a hint of pink and it came out okay.

      If I were you I'd get a different cut and save this for a stir fry or some such like you say. This probably isn't what your guest had in mind by "steak". ;)

      1. This sounds like aranchera/carne asada - thin Mexican style flank or skirt. Marinate, cook quickly, and slice across the grain. But if your guest like his meat rare or even medium rare this probably isn't the cut for him.
        I searched chow for 'aranchera' and only found something I wrote a couple of years ago.

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          Oh, another Mexican application would be carne tampiqueña, where a thin cut of beef is quick-seared and served whole alongside refried beans, maybe rice, maybe some guacamole -- various sides are possible. A favorite restaurant in Mexico City includes enmoladas (in this case simply corn tortillas coated in mole poblano and folded into quarters, topped with crumbled queso fresco) and mushrooms in a creamy chile poblano sauce. I love that plate.

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            You'll find more info on the web and here using the more common spelling of "arrachera".

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              no wonder I only found my post! :)

              The comments on the chow recipe are fun:

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              Thanks, now that you mention it a few months ago when I first discussed steak with the butcher who is from Mexico he mentioned that he usually cooks it with peppers and onions, so perhaps given the connection, the store also regularly cuts carne asada style skirt.

              SO likes most steaks at nearly still moving, I like my meat a little bit more obviously dead, and our guests are solidly in the medium rare camp so I'll probably just save the cut for another day.

            3. Pound even thinner and use for rouladen/braciole.

              1. Some times skirt steaks are offered butterflied into thinner pieces or pre-pounded to be used for rolling as greygarious suggests. Sounds like that's what you have.

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                  Yes, this makes sense as it is super super long as well.