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Jun 22, 2013 06:31 PM

anyone have any recs for kid friendly restos in ocean city maryland?

Looking for some recommendations for food in Ocean city near the 11500 area of coastal highway. family friendly is the only parameter. Thanks in advance

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There are virtually no restaurants that are NOT family friendly in OC. That said as EM posted you will have better luck on the MA board and if you could be more specific.

      -Are you talking infants/toddlers, school age or teens or maybe by family friendly you want a place to accommodate toddlers to grandparents.
      -What kind of food are you looking for? Do you need the ubiquitous "kids menu" with chicken nuggets, etc or are these adventurous eaters but just don't want high end/fancy, long waits, etc
      -Are you looking for the OC board walk "experience"-touristy, boardwalk type fare or more hidden gems
      -do a search:

      1. It's not a restaurant ... But I think most kids would get get a kick out of the Fractured Prune donut shops. There are multiple locations. The donuts are heavy(oily), super sweet , not for confectionary purists. But they are also very colorful with fun flavors and like them or not they are unique. My kids loved them and there seemed to b a lot of young families lining up for them.

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          thanks ot. Kid friendly is the only parameter.

        2. Lombardi's for ny style pizza and pasta,
          Bayside skillet for breakfast
          Bull on the beach has great beef sandwiches
          JR's or Nick's for Ribs
          Everything in OC is kid friendly more or less

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          1. My choices for family friendly in North Ocean City (uptown) would be...
            Lombardi's at 94th street for fantastic pizza and decent pasta
            Bull on the Beach at 94th street for great pit beef sandwiches (they also have steaks and seafood)
            Tequila Mockingbird at 130th street for good mexican
            Crab Bag at 130th street for good seafood and fun atmosphere
            Uber bagels at 126th street for excellent bagels and sandwiches