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Jun 22, 2013 05:44 PM

Porcelain or stainless?

Why do people love porcelain sinks? I'd love to exchange mine for a good stainless one. My current sink is white, and I have to be so vigilant so it doesn't stain.

I acquired this sink with the house we now live in, so it wan't my choice.

At any rate I think porcelain sinks are considered an upgrade, no? I just wonder why.

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  1. I had a red porcelain sink at one and it did not show all the marks. I chose stainless this time but I would suppose it depends on the sink. There are cheap and expensive of both kinds.

    1. I like stainless better. For me, it isn't so much about white or clean. It is that stainless steel is tougher. I don't have to worry about chipping the sink. (are we talking about full porcelain sink or enameled porcelain sink?)

      A lot of things are more expensive without being easier to use. Enameled cast iron cookware are often more expensive than stainless steel cladded cookware, but enameled cast iron cookware are not easier to use. They are just different.

      1. I've had both, and far prefer stainless. That said, as wekick noted, there are cheap (crappy) and expensive (quality) in both materials.

        The Kohler porcelain over cast iron I inherited with my current home is hopelessly stained, but it's deep and well-made, no chips. The SS sink in my son's rental is one of those cheap 6" deep ones, very thin gauge. I wouldn't trade him.

        But when we replace the counters (and get that new range) next year, the sink will be replaced with a nice, deep, stainless model. Easy to clean and easy to polish. I polished my last one anytime I was using BKF, baking soda or vinegar on my SS pans.

        1. I presume this is porcelain over cast iron. I mean, that is only kind of porcelain sink I know about. It is a Kohler, and it is really deep, with a small bowl for the garbage disposal.

          Would I test it with a magnet to find out?

          So far, no staining, but I am vigilant with Bon Ami. If I have to, I'll resort to a stronger cleaner.

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          1. An extra deep Blanco, Franke or Kindred stainless is hard to beat. No matter what, they polish up beautifully.