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Jun 22, 2013 03:20 PM

Florence -- memorable romantic dining for a couple of vegetarians?

My girlfriend and I are going to be in Florence next month, and will be there on her birthday. I want to take her somewhere special, and vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly. Great food is the most important factor, but atmosphere is also important -- It could be very fancy high-end, or a place that gets its special feel from atmosphere and intimacy.

I would very much appreciate your recommendations.

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  1. hi!
    my best choice for vegetarian food in Florence is:
    Sedano Allegro, a very nice place since 1990 very near to piazza san Ambrogio.
    this is the web:


    1. I wouldn't overly worry about sticking to vegetarian restaurants, since most places in Florence (and Italy in general) have lots of vegetarian options.

      A place you might consider is Al Tranvai. They usually have a few vegetarian friendly dishes.

      I also like Santo Bevitore, where you should be fine too.

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        It's been a few years (five?) but I have had several good vegetarian meals at Al Tranvai. Florence, and Tuscany in general, are a little trickier for a true vegetarian than many other parts of Italy, but I agree that you don't need to stick to vegetarian restaurants.
        Yum, Al Tranvai!

      2. Thank you! We just arrived in Florence 1/2 hour ago and I will look these places up now.