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Jun 22, 2013 02:59 PM

Trader Joe's Korean Ribs

We live out in the boonies near the Grand Canyon and driving to Vegas is about a three hour one way trip so we never pass up the chance to load our trunk with a few cases of three-buck-Chuck (used to be two, sadly). So anyway I am walking the isles and I spot frozen Korean Ribs. Now my dilemma is what to do with them?

Any meal ideas?
Anyone tried them?

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  1. What do they look like?

    1. I haven't tried them, but I'd just follow the directions and cook them. Serve them with plain rice and side dishes (anything pickled would do nicely).

      1. We bought them last week. I though they were pretty good and a nice addition to qucik meal from our freezer..

        1. Rinse them well to get rid of blood, they will turn brown. Marinate them in a sweet soy sauce that usually contains Asian pears for a day. Grill them 3 mins a side and serve with seasoned stiky rice lettuce and ssamJang sauce( essential). They are addictively delicious.

          1. OMG we eat these at least once a month, they ROCK! And I would have a mutiny on my hands if TJ's ever decides to discontinue them!!

            They are wicked easy, you can grill them a few minutes a side on a hot fire. Or more often, we broil them, about 6 mins a side, since my family likes them burnt and crispy.......sooooooo good!! If my kids knew you were making them, they'd want to come over........

            We make lettuce wraps with them & butter lettuce. Instead of plain white rice I make bacon-kimchee fried rice. And we have banchan as in pickled vegs (carrots, cukes & daikon), pickled ginger, sesame sauce, soy, and goochujang....spicy Korean red pepper paste, also some ssam jang, which is like goochujang, but not as spicy. Yum!

            Wait, am I confusing what you bought as Bul Gogi, which they have in the fresh case? Perhaps. The frozen ribs you'd want to marinate if they are plain and not in a sauce.