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Trader Joe's Korean Ribs

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We live out in the boonies near the Grand Canyon and driving to Vegas is about a three hour one way trip so we never pass up the chance to load our trunk with a few cases of three-buck-Chuck (used to be two, sadly). So anyway I am walking the isles and I spot frozen Korean Ribs. Now my dilemma is what to do with them?

Any meal ideas?
Anyone tried them?

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  1. What do they look like?

    1. I haven't tried them, but I'd just follow the directions and cook them. Serve them with plain rice and side dishes (anything pickled would do nicely).

      1. We bought them last week. I though they were pretty good and a nice addition to qucik meal from our freezer..

        1. Rinse them well to get rid of blood, they will turn brown. Marinate them in a sweet soy sauce that usually contains Asian pears for a day. Grill them 3 mins a side and serve with seasoned stiky rice lettuce and ssamJang sauce( essential). They are addictively delicious.

          1. OMG we eat these at least once a month, they ROCK! And I would have a mutiny on my hands if TJ's ever decides to discontinue them!!

            They are wicked easy, you can grill them a few minutes a side on a hot fire. Or more often, we broil them, about 6 mins a side, since my family likes them burnt and crispy.......sooooooo good!! If my kids knew you were making them, they'd want to come over........

            We make lettuce wraps with them & butter lettuce. Instead of plain white rice I make bacon-kimchee fried rice. And we have banchan as in pickled vegs (carrots, cukes & daikon), pickled ginger, sesame sauce, soy, and goochujang....spicy Korean red pepper paste, also some ssam jang, which is like goochujang, but not as spicy. Yum!

            Wait, am I confusing what you bought as Bul Gogi, which they have in the fresh case? Perhaps. The frozen ribs you'd want to marinate if they are plain and not in a sauce.

            1. I find when trying any new (to me) TJ's items it best to just follow the package instructions. Once I get the basics its easy to start playing around with them. Serve them with traditional sides like rice, kimchi or maybe sautéed spinach/kale

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                woool...I didn't know what kimich was so I just put them on the charcoal grill and we two adults ate most of them... man these are good. Had new jersey style salt red poataoes with them and coleslaw from my own home grown head of cabbage.

                Thanks for the ideas

                BTW no instrutions on the package so that's why I asked.

              2. One of my favorite items from TJ's. We grill them and eat them with TJ's kimchee (another great product).