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Jun 22, 2013 02:04 PM

Casual steak or seafood along I-36

We are on a road trip and celebrating our son's 18th birthday. We would like to find a casual, but good, steak or seafood place somewhere in the Kansas City area. We are traveling I35 going through KC to Wichita. I've read about a couple of places in KC, like Houston's, but they seem a little fancy for a family rolling in off the interstate. Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Sorry that I can't help more, but you may want to amend your title as I think there is a typo. You're going I35, right? If you edit it and add in KC or MO, you might get a better response!

    1. Golden Ox in the Stockyards by DT KC, a quick jump off I-35.
      ...and on the South 435 corridor:

      Jess & Jim's would do the trick-
      ...or consider Rye-

      1. Thanks! I thought I had changed the Title of the thread but I guess it didn't work

        We almost went to Jess & Jim's but I wasn't sure if it would be too dressy so we ended up going to Bonefish Grille. Hopefully we will try a good steakhouse our next trip through the area.

        Bonefish Grille turned out great. We spent about 5 mins tidying ourselves up in the parking lot only to find a very casual crowd. My picky husband liked the food. At first I found the portions looked small, as is typical I guess for a seafood place, but they ended up being the perfect size.

        We had tuna sashimi and bang bang shrimp for appetizers. Both were very good. The only thing was the tuna seemed to have more of a buttery texture than other sashimi we've had. I'm not educated enough to know if this was a good or bad thing. All I know is it tasted good.

        I had a special, scallops over creamed corn with jalapeƱos. Yumm. I loved the kick the corn had and the scallops were seasoned and cooked well. One son had lobster tails. They were good, but, again, they looked small. He was happy though. Another son had the Kobe burger, which he was very happy with. Husband had the swordfish with mango salsa and chimichurri sauces on the side. It was good for swordfish but I thought the chimichurri sauce was a bit mild. (I sampled all but the burger). All in all it was a very good meal at a very decent price for seafood. The reasonable price was actually a great surprise.

        Oh, and any restaurant that has queen size blue cheese stuffed olives for their Martinis is OK in my book!