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Jun 22, 2013 10:49 AM

Nashville - downtown, casual and/or interesting

We'll be in Nashville for 3 nights, staying downtown (probably).

Night 1, we have tickets for the Opry and will grab whatever we can to eat

Night 2, we plan on Capitol Grille

Night 3, we seek your views. The focus of the evening are the honky tonks on Broadway but we need to eat before beers and music. Certainly not a formal place but somewhere in the vicinity of Broadway that might contrast nicely with the experience of the previous night. Could be a great burger or pork chop - that sort of place.



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  1. Two suggestions for Night 3: Etch or Flyte.

    Both are two of my favorite places in Nashville.

    1. For night 3, Roberts Western World. Great burgers and great music. Awesome place!