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Jun 22, 2013 09:37 AM

Last minute trip to NYC next week - lunch at Le Bernardin and dinner at Daniel

Was able to get those reservations so grabbed them. We have a couple of things to celebrate plus have not been to either - also considered Eleven Madison but the reaction to the new menu seems inconsistent. Have been to Jean Georges (many times - oh the days of expense accounts!) and Per Se. Not interested so much in Masa or other Asian fusion/omekase types places (have good choices in Vancouver and Toronto - but maybe I'm wrong?).

Other places I thought of - WD-50, Corton, Brooklyn Fare (I know - you can laugh) Any other suggestions?

Staying in the East Village (free apartment for a week!) - any interesting suggestions in that area would also be appreciated.


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  1. On the LES, try Zucco le French Diner. It's on Orchard between Stanton and Houston. Tiny place; you'd be fine sitting at the counter or at one of the few tables.

    1. I do not think that the problem with 11 Madison is with cooking; it is just the length of the service. That said, you can BYOB for 35 bucks a bottle though i would call ahead of time. Certainly one of the places in Manhattan worth trying if you have not been there.

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        Corkage fees at EMP are now $60/bottle up to 4. It's gone up from $35/bottle, but is still the cheapest of the 3 Michelin Star restaurants.

        For OP:
        Since I advocate going for the prix fixe at both Daniel and Le Bernardin, I would add a place like EMP for a tasting menu based dinner. It is still my favorite:

        If you can get in at Brooklyn Fare
        or Blanca, then by all means.

        For the more avant garde, I would choose Corton over Atera over WD-50.

        Another option on the high end is Jungsik
        Modern Korean/American, not necessarily fusion, and I think unique enough that you might not find similar up North.

        Many of the better, more famous places in EVill are Asian or Asian-inspired/fusion. If you're looking for more casual walk-in stuff, probably a square slice at Artichoke, sandwich/pasta at Porchetta/Porsena, or Dirt Candy. Depending on where you are in EVill, Acme might also be walking distance, and you'd find New Nordic locavore food there.

      2. Love Le Bernardin, Daniel not quite as much ( a little too formal for us). We had a wonderful experience at Corton -- great food and wonderful service, but the staff spilled water on the table a couple of times so they took 50% off the bill! (party of 7, including 3 teenagers).

        1. When is the trip? That is, what days?

          There's a 10pm for two at EMP on Monday right now, otherwise they're fully booked for dinner.

          There's also a 12pm for lunch on Friday. They only serve lunch Thursday through Saturday.

          If WD-50 is on your list, then Atera should be as well.

          Perhaps Blanca, Bouley, the Chef's tasting at Torrisi, the Modern.

          East Village breakfast, lunch, and groceries:

          1. Thanks all - we leave tomorrow until next Saturday.

            Maybe I'll take another look at Corton. Also will check out that EMP time.....thx

            Re WD-50 - I'd likely take a pass -- went to Alinea last year and was at El Bulli in its last month (and 25 years before that - quite a change) unless opinions are different?

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              Tough one. Did el Bulli menu at Next Restaurant and have done Alinea a few times. WD-50 seems fairly different to me from both. El Bulli struck me as more intellectual and less focus on taste. Alinea is very playful but more conservative in terms of taste and flavor combinations. Wylie experiments with both, and has a unique, wackier (I guess?) style & WD-50 is also known for its creative cocktail program. You might also want to check out his newest "pub" Alder.