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Itamae AYCE Sushi Don Mills Road

bobinken Jun 22, 2013 08:00 AM

Opening soon in Flemington Park Plaza 747 Don Mills Road...does anyone know anything about this place. They have a restaurant in Waterloo also that opened recently....looking forward to trying it out.
If you go to their FaceBook page you can send them a message and receive a 50% off coupon.

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    Shumann Aug 30, 2013 07:19 PM

    Went there tonight. It was relatively good. The fun part is you order off an iPad, which is nice for a number of reasons apart from the novelty: photos; you control the size of the order; no server frantically writing down everything and possibly missing something; when you are ready to submit, it pages a server for you so no need to attempt to wave someone down. The food came incredibly quickly (although that may be more a function of the fact we came after the regular dinner hour). The sushi was very fresh and sliced thinly (as opposed to the large chunks you get in some places that would make any self-respecting sushi master want to commit hara kiri). The fact the pieces are smaller is irrelevant when it's AYCE. The sushi selection is a bit more limited but we still found enough variety. The hot food was surprisingly good although a bit heavy on the deep fried selections. I have to admit I don't quite understand why someone would want to order the breaded shrimp instead of the shrimp tempura but to each his own... The tempura scallops were a good size and not gritty. Tempura in general was not greasy although they were a bit stingy on the dipping sauce. Beef teriyaki was tender and juicy. Oddly, no gyoza but you can get spring rolls, steamed chicken dumplings and cheese wontons (!?) Desserts included cheesecake and cream puffs (the order claims to be 2 pieces but actually it's only one) in addition to the obligatory deep fried banana and usual flavours of ice cream. Right now there is a 10% discount for the grand opening. 20% discount if a senior. Otherwise pricing is comparable to other AYCE places.

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      bobinken Aug 30, 2013 09:01 PM

      My husband and I have been there twice since I first posted.....forgot to comment after we had been. We found it ok and we too, loved the iPad menu and the way you order. The food does come quite quickly and is very fresh. We wish there were more varieties of sushi and sashimi though. We found some of the fried offerings quite greasy. Yes they are a bit stingy on most of the sauces...we had to ask for more and they happily complied but we found some of the sauces tasted very watered down. It appears that they have added a couple more desserts since we have been there...I don't remember them having cheesecake or cream puffs....glad there are more choices.
      We never did get our 50% off coupon that was offered on Facebook....emailed them twice and never got a response.

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