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Jun 22, 2013 07:55 AM

Papa Guiseppe Cafe & Pizza

When our dinner at Estia fell through last night (they closed) our friends suggested Papa Guiseppe. Little place on Linton Ave. and what we affectionately would call a "jernt". Old fashioned booths and tables, quite small but the food was really really good. We started with an Antipasta Rustico which was plenty for the table. DH had a caesar salad which was ok All entrees came with soup or salad and garlic rolls. I had pasta primavera in a pink sauce (I have the leftovers in the fridge to saute up tonight - yum!) and DH had the chicken cacciutore which came with pasta. Friends had penne ala vodka and chicken francese (also with pasta). They really liked the minestrone soup too. I skipped that as I had already scarfed down a really good garlic roll. On the way to the loo I spotted a plain cheese pizza that looked really good - you know how they sometimes call to you. Stopped on the way back and asked if it was wonderful or just okay. Was told it was delicious. I'll go back up there for takeout pizza for sure. Prices were really reasonable. $13.95 for each of our entrees.

Papa Guiseppe
660 Linton Ave.

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