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Jun 22, 2013 07:34 AM

Mexican food in Carmel

Looking for decent tacos, enchiladas and rellenos in or near Carmel. I will go to Salinas or Monterey if need be. Thanks.

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  1. Moss Landing has The Haute Enchilada and The Whole Enchilada. If you're ever near Castroville, there is a food truck at Pezzini Farm that makes the best pork and beef tacos I've ever had. :)

    1. Casa Del Sazon-two locations in Salinas and delicious. Seaside has some good Mexican spots also. Take a look at La Tortuga on Fremont or Puerto Nuevo on Broadway.

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        Second CASA Del Sason, fabulous food, try the molcajete

      2. search: Melanie Wong's treatise on Salinas Taco Trucks. She can also be depended on to find good chow of all types around the monterey Bay area.

        The Haute Enchilada is americanized and cheese-y. Not your typical authentic folk food. But tasty.

        Meandering the main streets of the business district in Seaside will find you lots of Mexican lunch counters in tiny markets. Find some and report back on your favorites, please. We need an update.