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Jun 22, 2013 07:28 AM

Pita Bread

Pretty much all the "pita" bread that's available in the grocery stores in the area is terrible. I think it's primarily made for people without any teeth. You don't really have to chew it. Plus, it doesn't have much taste either.

I'm looking for some real pita-type bread that you actually have to chew and tastes good. Metrowest preferred, but I will travel. Any suggestions?

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  1. Arax, Sevan, Massis etc in Watertown. I think it comes from Montreal.

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    1. re: cassis

      Also Eastern Lamejun Bakery at 145 Belmont Street. (steps from Shangri La - a twofer, get lunch next door!)

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        They have those brands at Russo's too

      2. along these lines, does anyone know where Rami gets his pita?

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          I called and asked them a couple of years ago. They get it from a NYC bakery....real Israeli style. Sigh....wish *someone* here made that type. I think they may get it from the same vendor that supplies to Taim in the West Village.

          1. re: Science Chick

            ahhh...thanks for letting me know. it is the best pita i've ever had and amsterdam falafel doesn't come close. maybe i should just ask him to sell me some!

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              Haha....that is a good idea, Madrid! I don't know why there are no Israeli style pitas in this area. My DH is Israeli.....maybe we should bring some back with us next time we visit :)

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                If you do, I'll buy them from you! I've tried making homemade pita and can't get it close to Rami's.

        2. Russo's -- most of the time, but not always -- has a large selection of pita and other middle eastern breads, such as a giant Afghan flatbread.
          And second the recommendations for Arax, et al. (and don't forget Eastern Lamejun on Belmont St. Many from Montreal but personally I prefer several locally made pitas because they don't contain preservatives.
          Come to think of it, I saw gyro-style pita in Arax last week, which is thick and maybe close to what you're looking for.
          Which brings me to a question: What do you mean by "real pita-type bread"? Can you offer an example?

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            I notice that a lot of the gyro style ones are made by a US company, Kronos?, but they have lots of nasty oils in them..

            My preferred one, available from Arax, and a few of the groceries in W.Rox, is Hellenic Bakery from somewhere in RI, George's Bakery (Methuen), and the large version of Near east. Come to think of it, I buy all of them in the large, usually around a 4 ounce, size...The texture is way better, IMHO, when it's stretched like that. Kinda like the crust is always better on a larger rather than a small pizza...

            1. Korbani's Bakery in Methuen. It's the best I've ever had and most times you can get it warm out of the oven.

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                I agree, but if they are looking metro west, Arax or Sevan are about as good.

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                  Another Korbani's vote. Awesome tabboulleh, etc, too.