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Pita Bread

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Pretty much all the "pita" bread that's available in the grocery stores in the area is terrible. I think it's primarily made for people without any teeth. You don't really have to chew it. Plus, it doesn't have much taste either.

I'm looking for some real pita-type bread that you actually have to chew and tastes good. Metrowest preferred, but I will travel. Any suggestions?

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  1. Arax, Sevan, Massis etc in Watertown. I think it comes from Montreal.

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    1. re: cassis

      Also Eastern Lamejun Bakery at 145 Belmont Street. (steps from Shangri La - a twofer, get lunch next door!)

      1. re: cassis

        They have those brands at Russo's too

      2. along these lines, does anyone know where Rami gets his pita?

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          I called and asked them a couple of years ago. They get it from a NYC bakery....real Israeli style. Sigh....wish *someone* here made that type. I think they may get it from the same vendor that supplies to Taim in the West Village.

          1. re: Science Chick

            ahhh...thanks for letting me know. it is the best pita i've ever had and amsterdam falafel doesn't come close. maybe i should just ask him to sell me some!

            1. re: Madrid

              Haha....that is a good idea, Madrid! I don't know why there are no Israeli style pitas in this area. My DH is Israeli.....maybe we should bring some back with us next time we visit :)

              1. re: Science Chick

                If you do, I'll buy them from you! I've tried making homemade pita and can't get it close to Rami's.

        2. Russo's -- most of the time, but not always -- has a large selection of pita and other middle eastern breads, such as a giant Afghan flatbread.
          And second the recommendations for Arax, et al. (and don't forget Eastern Lamejun on Belmont St. Many from Montreal but personally I prefer several locally made pitas because they don't contain preservatives.
          Come to think of it, I saw gyro-style pita in Arax last week, which is thick and maybe close to what you're looking for.
          Which brings me to a question: What do you mean by "real pita-type bread"? Can you offer an example?

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            I notice that a lot of the gyro style ones are made by a US company, Kronos?, but they have lots of nasty oils in them..

            My preferred one, available from Arax, and a few of the groceries in W.Rox, is Hellenic Bakery from somewhere in RI, George's Bakery (Methuen), and the large version of Near east. Come to think of it, I buy all of them in the large, usually around a 4 ounce, size...The texture is way better, IMHO, when it's stretched like that. Kinda like the crust is always better on a larger rather than a small pizza...

          2. I like Korbani's.

            1. Korbani's Bakery in Methuen. It's the best I've ever had and most times you can get it warm out of the oven.

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                I agree, but if they are looking metro west, Arax or Sevan are about as good.

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                  Another Korbani's vote. Awesome tabboulleh, etc, too.

                2. Edible Boston has Roslindale Village featured, including Droubi Bakery. I'm hopeful, but haven't yet visited.

                  1. I like the pita bread that Samira's Homemade sells - apparently it's made for them by a place called Helen's bakery? You can find Samira's Homemade at a bunch of farmer's markets and probably other places...don't know anything about Helen's.


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                    1. re: taterjane

                      I think Helen's is in Providence RI

                      1. re: taterjane

                        Agreed...Samira's Homemade pita bread is good. I get it every Tuesday at the Harvard U. Farmers' Market along w/ the sundried tomato and basil hummus and the stuffed grape leaves. Yummmm!

                      2. Stop by Guy's stall at the Lexington Farmer's Market. He sells his own spreads, but also sells whole wheat pita bread that he has shipped frozen from Jerusalem. It is yeasty, moist and perfect. It's also wicked expensive ($6 for 4 thick loaves), which is why I will soon be broke.

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                          I recently learned that the pita that Rami uses can be purchased frozen at Butcherie. Comes from an Israeli bakery (spoke to the bakery owner and he filled me in on where to purchase locally). Haven't gotten over there yet, but will report back once I get some!

                        2. My favorite pita breads (MANY options) are at Arax in Watertown. They have fresh Pita almost every day, just ask which is freshest, but the ones I like the most come down from Montreal on Tuesdays.

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                            Arax DOES have lots of fresh pita options, but all are of the thin, Lebanese variety. I've never seen the thicker Israeli type there. Haven't bought any there for ~6 months....any change in that, Striper?