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Jun 22, 2013 07:26 AM

one week in Freeport/Long Island

Please tell me the closest places to treat my tastebuds to.......Pork Buns, pan fried chives, great pizza, white castle burgers and any other thing you can think of to make my tastebuds happy.

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  1. Th closest White Castle, would probably be the one on Sunrise Highway in Lynbrook.

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    1. re: Anyerinma

      Head over to All American in Massapequa for a double double fries and a shake. A big step up from White Castle. Delicious cheap and fast.

    2. I liked the Pit Stop right next to Freeport.

      And excellent Tex-Mex nearby at RS Jones.

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      1. re: MacTAC

        +1 for RS Jones (even though it is in Merrick!). The chef-owners were affiliated with The Bayou way back when it was great when it first opened in the mid 80's with JP and Lo in N Bellmore. Later, J&L opened Big Daddy's and Margaret and Carole opened RS Jones.

        Anyway... good people... good fun... and excellent food. Ribs are always dynamite.

      2. Thanks for all replies. I did discover the Pit Stop which was great and the owner and staff was very friendly to our group. I got my crave fulfilled also. I also discovered the Deli-Boy Delicatessen on Atlantic Avenue in Baldwin. They are great with reasonable prices for breakfast and lunch and have a very nice menu.

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          Next time in Freeport give Imperial a try for delicious breakfast lunch and dinner. It's not "Pork Buns, pan fried chives, or pizza", but it's not "white castle burgers" either.

          1. re: SteveRosen

            Our favorite diner on long island by far.

        2. El Sabor Dominicano, in Freeport for great Dominican Food.
          A killer mofongo with chicharon