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Jun 22, 2013 05:59 AM

Eat at the bar [San Francisco]

I'll be in SF for work next week and am looking for a good restaurant with a good bar to eat at (ie a restaurant with a bar, not pub food, although gastropub would be ok). I like to eat at the bar when I'm by myself both because I don't have to worry about reservations and I like the service. Preferably within walking/short cab distance from Chinatown, maybe in the seasonal American vein.

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  1. Try searching using key word solo in upper right hand corner, Lots of previous requests.

    1. In the 200 block of California Street, you can eat at the bar/counter at Tadich (old-school seafood), Perbacco (Italian) or Barbacco (casual Italian).

      1. My current favorites for solo dining at the bar are AQ, Bar Tartine, St. VIncent, Barbacco, Perbacco, Cotogna, and Incanto. The latter's exceptionally comfortable as there's a wide step for your feet.

        Barbacco and Perbacco are five blocks from Chinatown.

        1. Here's another thread, focused on the high end places

          Almost all restaurants in SF have bars, and all serve the full menu.

          Here's my list of restaurants without bars:
          Chez Mama

          Here's michelin list with notes
          Atellier Crenn - unknown to me
          Benu - thread says yes
          Coi - thread says no
          Saison - yes

          Acquerello - no
          Ame - I think so
          Aziza - yes
          Boulevard - several!
          Campton Place - maybe not
          Frances - yes and beloved
          Gary Danko - yes
          Keiko à Nob Hill - unknown to me
          La Folie - lounge has bites, may not have full menu
          Luce - attached to 888, bites available from Luce but not full menu
          Masa's - closed
          Michael Mina - yes
          Quince - yes
          Sons & Daughters - unknown to me
          SPQR - casual enough that you should eat at a table
          Spruce - yes

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            Saison 3.0 has a bar but it has a different menu.