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Jun 22, 2013 05:58 AM

Need a countryside restaurant between Parma and Bologna

Need a restaurant for dinner in the countryside to enjoy on our way from Parma to Bologna.

We have already booked the following for other days:
Da Amerigo

So looking for something special off the A1 (it can be far off if worth it as long as it is in the general direction of Bologna). Thanks for the advice !

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  1. In a small town rather than the country, but you might enjoy Arnaldo in Rubiera, just west of Modena.. We had a very enjoyable meal there

    1. Or try this place in Rubbiara (careful with those spellings...), just north of Modena

      1. Not exactly sure of its location relative to Parma & Bologna, but Hostaria da Ivan is not far away and is highly regarded.

        1. Thanks everyone, we'll take a look !

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            Unfortunately, Da Ivan is in the opposite direction when going from Parma to Bologna.

          2. I think we have settled on Locanda Mariella in Fragno. Hope its worth the detour.