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Jun 22, 2013 03:18 AM

Noto Berlin: Noto ever again

So I finally decided to check out Noto on Torstrasse after reading all the hype and overblown reviews. In short: it was pricey, the food was passable, the service was lacking.

Granted we were there rather early because we were having a get-together with an elderly friend who was leaving Berlin early the next morning. My wife, who prefers not to eat much meat, tried to order the only vegetarian dish on the menu, a tortellini. She was told this was "not yet ready, maybe it would take an hour." So she ordered a salad to have something to eat in the meantime. Later (after more than an hour) she was still waiting for her tortellini, and the waiter claimed not to have understood that she had indeed ordered it. So, in the end, all she got was the salad, no main course. There was no language problem -- all interaction was in German.

Our friend had Beelitzer Spargel which proved to be too tough to cut with a table knife. So he resourcefully used his Swiss army knife.

I was the big eater. I had the grilled sardines appetizer which was tasty if rather oily for a grilled dish, and the lamb and wild salad special main course. The lamb was very tender, but lacked any significant flavour -- could have used more garlic and herbs in my opinion. It was better after I salted and peppered it. The wild salad was imaginative, with flowers and various unusual greens -- the best part of the meal.

The dessert was OK, nothing special.

There are SO many restaurants in Berlin where we would have eaten better with much better service for the €90 this cost us in total (with only beer not wine). I will not return and will not be recommending Noto.

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  1. I never got the hype for that place -- in fact, I was surprised to read Frank Bruni wax poetic about his experience there.

    Sounds like not much has changed since I went (twice) -- ok food, pretty lousy service.

    On Torstr. alone there are so many better places to eat.

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      Thanks for the forewarning, bill2p, linguafood. I'd trust a Chowhound's taste more anyday. I think Frank Bruni's rec resulted in more than a few disappointed folks who went there on the account of his article.