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Jun 22, 2013 12:41 AM

Taco Tuesday at Gutierrez Drive-In, Salinas

A month ago Mom and I checked out Taco Tuesday at perennial favorite, Gutierrez Drive-In in Salinas. From 2pm to 8pm, soft tacos are only $1.25. This applies to all the meat choices listed on the taco menu but the seafood. In the case of tripas or chicharrones, usually $2.50 apiece, this represents discount of 50%.

We ordered a selection to figure out the best carnes. Served bare on a medium size tortilla, the tacos were dressed to taste from the self-serve salsa bar. Most disappointing turned out to be tripas. Not the crispy innards I recall, these were mostly pale, soft and chewy.

We also tried lengua, carnitas, carne asada, cabeza, and chile Colorado. The chile colorado was tough and dry. Carne asada was not that tasty. Cabeza and lengua were fine, and the best was carnitas.

These tacos are larger than served at the trucks and match the street price. If you choose the right one, two are enough for a meal.

More about Gutierrez Drive-In

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  1. A couple weeks ago we were back at Gutierrez for Taco Tuesday. Price is now $1.50 apiece for the regular meats and a little higher for tripas.

    Lengua was fine. The star again was carnitas, a blend of dorado crunchy bits and soft chunks of flavorful pork.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Lengua? Carnitas? Tripas?

      Oh, man, am I jealous. Around here all the places _only_ serve ground beef tacos on Taco Tuesday. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

      That so offends my authentic Mexican food imperative that I never go out for Taco Tuesday.

      If ground beef tacos is what people want, they don't need Taco Tuesday. They can go to Taco Bell seven days a week.

      Clearly I need to return to Salinas more often. Kind of hard to get there on Tuesdays though.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Stopped in on my way out of Salinas yesterday (7/9) for my carnitas taco ($2). There was a sign at the counter saying Closed on Tuesday! When I asked if that was just for next week, I was told no, now closed on Tuesday. My carnitas was only chunks of meat, no crunchy crust bit. Enjoyed my usual tripas taco ($2.50) more.

      2. Thanks for this tip! I passed it on to my parents- they have been going to gutierrez for decades at this point, almost exclusively for the carnitas by the lb, yet always on weekends.

        I just talked to mom and they went for the tacos about two weeks ago and were thrilled. And they're planning to go back tommarow night too!

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        1. re: Ttrockwood

          Thanks for the feedback! Each time we've been there, I 've been amazed that more folks aren't taking advantage of the discounts on Taco Tuesday.

          There are specials designated for other weekdays too. The photo in my original post is out of date. I should replace it with the current listing next time I'm there.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            My parents have carnitas tunnel vision at gutierrez! They have been blatantly ignoring the rest of the menu for decades now. If it ain't broke.....