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Jun 21, 2013 08:45 PM

Do you like whipped cream on your fruit pie?

Put me down as a NO.

N. O.

Just no.


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  1. I like whipped cream. I like fruit. I like fruit pie. I like whipped cream on my fruit. I like whipped cream on my fruit pie.

    1. I don't really like fruit pie but I don't HATE it. Whipped cream makes it yummier for me.

      1. No. Love fruit pie. No whipped cream!

        1. No. Unless it's a whipped cream pie. I think whipped cream on a fruit pie quickly turns to a milky puddle and ruins the great fruit, adds too much richness to an already rich fruit (if done right). On the other hand a whipped cream pie with pudding underneath or a lemon or lime curd with super whipped fresh cream can be light and refreshing on a hot summer day.

          so no on traditional. top and/or bottom crusted fruit pies
          and yes to the refrigerated cream pies

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          1. re: HillJ

            just put it on the side, or in a separate dish.

            1. re: Chowrin

              you jest? whipped cream in a separate dish for a slice of pie?
              heavens NO.

              1. re: Chowrin

                a monkey dish of whipped cream, or nearly everything else you can think of, is very typical of every diner in these parts. nearly everything is served "on the side" and/or in a monkey dish and any request for "on the side" is never met with resistance.

            2. Yes. I like it on all types of pies. I also prefer it on cakes (rather than frosting). I love it on fresh fruit too...or on my finger.