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Jun 21, 2013 08:21 PM

Do you have a favorite Farmer's Market?

I like the Mercato, but that's more due to proximity and date/time than really anything else.

The selection and crowd are good, too, but I'm not sure I would go to Little Italy if I, say, lived or worked in North County somewhere.

What about you?

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  1. Little Italy. Hands down.

    1. I think it depends on what you're looking for from a farmers market.

      For a long time I really liked LIttle Italy, and I still do, but parking is difficult and I'm tired of fighting the see and be seen crowd. On the other hand, I know where the vendors are that I like and can actually get in and out fairly quickly if I want to. I also like that there is a Wells Fargo bank on the corner of the market in case I need it, and I usually do.

      I like the Sunday Hillcrest market. Parking is a bit easier and the crowd and the vibe more relaxed. It's less of a "scene". Most of the same vendors are LI, so if I miss Saturday there is always Sunday.

      I really like the Wednesday OB market but parking is a straight out b*tch. But it's interesting, it's funky and usually a lot of fun. Good energy at this market

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        Exactly what I would have said, DD. If I can get to Little Italy around 8:30, I can usually find street parking, but Hillcrest is much easier to navigate and park. We have a little farmer's market out this way during the week, but I usually only go there for strawberries, avocados, medjool dates, and honey.

        1. re: phee

          La Mesa has a farmers market on Friday afternoon that I'd like to check out as I've heard good things about it, but given that my office is in Mira Mesa, and the market is in La Mesa...good luck getting there on a Friday afternoon

        2. re: DiningDiva

          This is sort of why I asked.

          I really like the Mercato, but I'm not sure I would go there unless I lived in/around Little Italy and parking was not an issue.

          Same with the Hillcrest market. I don't mind going there only when I'm in the area and parking is not an issue.

          I'm not sure there's a farmer's market I would go out of my way for.

          1. re: DiningDiva

            There is always free parking (2 hrs) a few blocks down on India Street towards Hillcrest. Overall LI is also our go to farmers market but we wish there would be more produce and less produced food

          2. I like the Mercato in LI 'cus it's on a good day for me, if you go early enough parking on the parallel streets is tolerable. If I'm around, LJ is also good. Not too impressed with Tues in PB.

            1. I like the Hill Crest Farmers market. I think its the right balance IMO. Second would be Little Italy.

              1. "Church of Chino" on a Sunday morning. Put the top down or open the sunroof, it's a glorious drive on a beautiful day. I count it as a farmer's market, because after all, Tom is THE farmer!