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Jun 21, 2013 06:29 PM

Steven Raichlen on Lummi Island

It was a small group with 4 BBQ grills, lots of wine and the best food you can locally source. I am using an iPad and there are a few loading issues so I will divide some of these grill segments up into replies to this post.

It was a great time. Steven is a really great guy and very gracious about sharing all his global grilling experience with others. He is currently writing his second novel, and a new cookbook on Smoking! It was great to be able to connect with him. I learned some new tricks!

We grilled up: lamb, salmon, mussel, oyster, wild mushroom, asparagus, bread, potatoes and wild berry crisp. Some techniques were sensational and unique for even the most adventurous grill masters! It was really fun.

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  1. One of the more interesting dishes, was lamb on a shovel. Yes, really.
    The shovel was heated in the coals, until screaming hot.
    The lamb was coated with olive oil, then a mixture of minced garlic and fresh herbs were pressed on to both sides.

    Place the chops on the screaming hot shovel and grill. The beauty of this, is that you can determine the temp by simply moving the shovel away from the coals or placing it right in the line of smoke. Very cool!

    1. The mussels were unique. Escalade de modules, or mussels grilled with pine needles.

      Dried pine needles are placed in a foil pan with holes in the bottom. The mussels are placed on top of the needles. They begin to smoke within minutes...then they catch fire!!!! The mussels pop open and they are cooked to perfection.

      1. Asparagus "rafts" with sesame oil and soy

        Really beautiful presentation. Use the big toothpicks and push it through the asparagus to make a nice "raft" of 4 or 5 stalks.
        They can be easily turned, moved and flipped. Beautiful.

        1. Mushrooms!

          Any kind done this way would be fabulous, I am sure.

          Toss the mushrooms in melted butter, choice of several herbs and a bit of salt. Place in a grill basket.
          Place over DIRECT flame and roast until they are brown, then flip. Wow. They were wonderful.

          1. If anyone wants more grill details, I will be happy to paraphrase (no recipes can be directly copied).

            We made some crispy salmon skin, salmon roll up apps, oysters with herbs and butter, plank salmon with mustard and miso, etc.