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Jun 21, 2013 04:28 PM

Philadelphia Mike's in Reston is closed?

Oh woe is me! I hardly ever leave the Town Center at lunch, and today was the day I had the chance to do so - I was hankering for a good slobbery cheesesteak.

They are gone! Did they move? Why did they close?

Where do you go in the Reston/Sterling/Herndon/Ashburn area for good cheesesteak sandwiches?

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  1. Santini's does a good chicken philly - haven't tried a "regular".

    For something that puts Mike's to shame, try Jimmy's in old town Herndon. It will refocus you.

    Just for sandwiches, like Italian cold cut stuff, try The Deli in the KMart center in Herndon. Not to be confused with the lackluster "A Deli" at Worldgate. The Italian Stallion at the former is to die for (was a punishable offence at a former job if someone went and didn't say anything).

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    1. re: Dennis S

      OK, thanks. At least there are options. I will check out Jimmy's and The Deli.

      1. re: flygirl

        Second Jimmy's. They serve theirs on Amoroso rolls. They also do a killer beef on weck.