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Jun 21, 2013 04:22 PM

Portland - Miyake Bento Box vs Pai Men Miyake for lunch?

Hey folks, heading up to Portland tomorrow and I'm thinking about finally eating somewhere besides Duck Fat for lunch. I've heard great things about the tasting dinners at Miyake but looking for something a lot more affordable/low key. I read on their website that they're now offering an $18 lunchtime bento box at the main location. I'm wondering if anyone can comment on that service -- I'm trying to decide between that or going to Pai Men Miyake for ramen etc. Any input?

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  1. You can't go wrong with either--
    I'd choose either of them over Duckfat--
    I do love the multi course mix and match options of the Tei Shoku lunch specials at Pai Men, and the general atmosphere and location--it's something I do pretty often. And for $8.50-$12.50 it's a great deal!

    1. If you do the bento box would like to hear about it. I've done lunch there often and it's been very good. Their new menu/format is designed to make the place feel less exclusive and less like a "splurge" meal. Even though Pai Men has some rolls on the menu it's not really a sushi place.
      As stated, lunch can be a real bargain.

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        Well, we wound up going with Pai Men for the some of the same reasons that they are reformatting Miyake -- less formal and ore fleixble, plus outdoor seating. Thought everything was delicious, especially the pork buns which I almost skipped, but they were definitely the best I've ever had.