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Jun 21, 2013 03:55 PM

The Buttered Tin

Went to the brand spankin new Buttered Tin in St. Paul today for lunch. I had the chicken club sandwich and was very impressed. High-quality ingredients (including thick-ish cut, homemade-tasting roasted chicken and perfectly ripe avocados) put together very thoughtfully. I chose seasonal greens salad as a side - nice, fresh greens lightly dressed.

Coworkers had caprese sandwich, Easter dinner sandwich, and tuna melt, and all really enjoyed their meals too.

Service was rather slow. Although all four of us ordered at the same time (but on different tickets), one companion didn't get her meal until the rest of us were nearly finished. However, mgmt gave her three free, gorgeous-looking cupcakes to take home as an apology gift. We all hoped the slowness was related to opening week kinks and agreed we'd definitely be back again.

So happy to have this as an option in DT St Paul!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I really enjoyed my biscuits and gravy last Monday. The biscuits were light and the gravy didn't put me in a coma. Also snagged a "Ho-Ho" cupcake for later which was great. I'll be going back this week.

      1. Went for breakfast today....OUTSTANDING! Places like this could really help turn Lowertown into a destination in of itself. The Hash Brown Omelet is so creative, and full of fresh asparagus. I bought four cupcakes to go for later....but we had a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie already on our way out! But it's OK because breakfast came with a all balances out...

        1. We loved it as well. We had their caprese and reuben sandwiches and they were awesome. rich buttery chocolate chip cookies. Very glad they are in the area and we wil be back!

          1. Can't comment on their table service - my slice of coconut cake was a "to-go" purchase. But it was really, really good. Am excited about the possibility of good baked items downtown!