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The Buttered Tin

Went to the brand spankin new Buttered Tin in St. Paul today for lunch. I had the chicken club sandwich and was very impressed. High-quality ingredients (including thick-ish cut, homemade-tasting roasted chicken and perfectly ripe avocados) put together very thoughtfully. I chose seasonal greens salad as a side - nice, fresh greens lightly dressed.

Coworkers had caprese sandwich, Easter dinner sandwich, and tuna melt, and all really enjoyed their meals too.

Service was rather slow. Although all four of us ordered at the same time (but on different tickets), one companion didn't get her meal until the rest of us were nearly finished. However, mgmt gave her three free, gorgeous-looking cupcakes to take home as an apology gift. We all hoped the slowness was related to opening week kinks and agreed we'd definitely be back again.

So happy to have this as an option in DT St Paul!

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  1. I really enjoyed my biscuits and gravy last Monday. The biscuits were light and the gravy didn't put me in a coma. Also snagged a "Ho-Ho" cupcake for later which was great. I'll be going back this week.

    1. Went for breakfast today....OUTSTANDING! Places like this could really help turn Lowertown into a destination in of itself. The Hash Brown Omelet is so creative, and full of fresh asparagus. I bought four cupcakes to go for later....but we had a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie already on our way out! But it's OK because breakfast came with a salad...it all balances out...

      1. We loved it as well. We had their caprese and reuben sandwiches and they were awesome. rich buttery chocolate chip cookies. Very glad they are in the area and we wil be back!

        1. Can't comment on their table service - my slice of coconut cake was a "to-go" purchase. But it was really, really good. Am excited about the possibility of good baked items downtown!

          1. With all these great reviews I think we're going to hit the place up for a breakfast this weekend. Question though - what's the parking situation over there these days? I'm a St. Paulite, but I usually don't get any further into downtown than Meritage and the Ordway. Are the meters over there still coin or have they all switched to credit card machines? And anyone know if parking at the meters in St. Paul is free on Sunday? I know it isn't in Mpls.

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              Pretty sure free Sunday. I think there is a mix of card / coins. Depending on what time you go Saturday, much of lowertown has free meters for the Farmers Market. Farmers Market probably won't have a major impact on parking where TBT is. Terrible drivers are all over the place though.

            2. I had a great experience at The Buttered Tin, and am really excited for it to be located in Lowertown.
              It's great to have another quality option for breakfast and lunch (and really amazing bakery items) so close to home.
              We had a great first visit with good service and can't wait to go back!

              1. Went back with my kid today. I had the Cobb salad special (served with a cup of navy bean soup). The salad was nice and fresh, lightly dressed, with spinach, eggs, avocado, lardons, tomatoes, and no cheese. The soup stole the show, though. Lovely, lovely navy bean soup with asparagus and some other veggies and some kind of meat - turkey maybe? - , with a dollop of pesto on top. Um yum!

                The kid had the bananas foster french toast. She ate ten bites, which means it must be outstanding because that's about five more than usual. I couldn't try it due to my stupid banana allergy. She gave it a double thumbs up.

                They had table service today and service was speedy and friendly. Yay! Loving this new option in the STP.

                1. Was on a time crunch and should have gotten there before 9:30 as it was busy and we weren't able to stay and get breakfast. :( Got 4 cupcakes to go though... the ho ho, chocolate/raspberry, vanilla/raspberry and lemon. The ho ho and lemon were very good - the lemon filling was divine and the chocolate cake very moist. Choc rasp. was good and the vanilla rasp. was a bit dry. Overall though, I was pretty impressed. Will try and get there a bit earlier next time or at least on a day we actually have the time to wait the 20 minutes for a seat.

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                    Made it there this morning for breakfast. You order at the counter, then have a seat and they bring the food to you. Very nice, clean, bright space which is a great addition to Lowertown.

                    We started by sharing a slice of blueberry cream cheese bread. Um. YUM! It had a great simple syrup glaze on top. Incredibly moist with juicy, sweet blueberries.

                    I had the hashbrown "omelette" with a poached egg on top. Hubster had the biscuits and gravy. Both are served with lightly dressed mixed greens and mixed fruit. My "omelette" was quite good. Melty gruyere with nicely grilled asparagus in crispy hashbrowns. The only downfall is that my poached egg was poached hard - major pet peeve for me. I like my poached eggs runny. To me, that's kind of the point. That said, it was tasty all things considered. Hubster's biscuits and gravy also came with 2 poached eggs and they got those right and appropriately runny so I'm taking my bum egg as bad luck and not a perpetual problem. Hubby loves biscuits and gravy and having grown up in the south, considers himself to be a bit of a connoisseur of this dish. While he wouldn't say this is the best version he's ever had, he did put it in the top 25%. High praise considering the B&G quantity he's consumed over the years. :)

                    We opted to pick up some baked goods to bring home as well. A chocolate chip cookie, a cookie whoopie pie and a non-Twinkie (it's really like a Twinkie, but they haven't come up with a name for it yet that is not Twinkie). The cookies were good although I would have liked just a tad more salt in them. The not Twinkie - the definite star! The cake was delicious and moist and the filling was yummy. Would totally get these again!

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                      I had the huevos rancheros benedict last week and one of my eggs was over-done also. The second one one the plate was passable. My boyfriend had the same dish and both his eggs were cooked perfectly.

                      The cupcakes are moist and flavorful. The frosting is a giant dollop on top, which can make it hard to eat -- would be better spread out over the entire cupcake.

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                        I agree; I had a brownie and a chocolate chip cookie ( no time for a sit down breakfast) and while both were tasty, I too thought both could have benefitted from just a touch of salt.

                    2. Visited Saturday morning after the Farmers Market. We were greeted by a hostess at the door and immediately given a table. Ordered the Hashomelet, girlfriend order the French Toast. Both were excellent. Took some cupcakes home, also excellent. Super moist. Great spot for St. Paul.

                      1. I finally got to try this place out. We went at 8am on Sunday and was the perfect time. The number of people waiting outside grew quickly afterward.

                        I won't bore with a long dissection of each dish except to say that my party had the Buttered Tin Hash, the Huevos Rancheros Benedict, the Banana Foster French Toast, and the Pig’s Eye Breakfast. All were excellent in their own ways.

                        These folks do a great job and will be getting my business again