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Jun 21, 2013 01:55 PM

Where would I find fresh cheese curds?

Hi, I will be arriving in Atlanta (Midtown area) on June 28th and I want make poutine for a Canada Day Party on July 1st. Do you know if it is still sold in the city? I called Star Provisions and they said they do not sell it because farmers are not selling them to stores because they don't make enough. Have you heard of this?

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    1. re: bobstripower

      Thanks! I can try to see if they will sell the curds but I do want it make myself.

    2. Maybe Your Dekalb Farmers Market carries them?

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      1. re: Enfielder

        That's a great idea! I will check out the market as well. Fingers crossed they have it.

      2. I found the curds at the Farmer's market. And I made beef braised poutine!


        1. I have been looking for these as well. Which farmer's market?
          YDFM, BHFM, or the one south of the airport?