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Jun 21, 2013 01:19 PM

Cooking From: Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking by Nathalie Dupree

I picked this up this week and would love to cook from it with anyone else who is interested. I love that the recipes from scratch, and don't rely on canned or packaged products like so many Southern recipes do.

In case someone doesn't have the book yet, I am posting links to news articles that feature some recipes

From The Advocate ( Baton Rouge newspaper) features her quick and easy cinnamon apple cobbler recipe

A Spiced Peach interview with her Squash Casserole recipe with her Classic Caramel Cake recipe

I'm open to also including her other cookbooks.

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  1. Well, yum, that Classic Caramel Cake looks good. I have this book, but have not cooked from it yet.

    1. Here's a link to a preview of the book at Google books:

      Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking by Nathalie Dupree

      1. Rasputina, I've added this thread to the Master List of Non COTM cooking threads:

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          1. re: rasputina

            I'm looking forward to reading reports of recipes that folks make since I have a keen interest in Southern food. The book could very well be in my future. Glad you started the thread!

        1. Just sticking my toe in so that I know when to find it when I cook from the book.

          Thank you, Rasputina, for starting the thread!

          1. I just got the Kindle version of this book. (It was only $9, so I thought I'd check it out and then spring for the hardcover if I like it.) I just skimmed through quickly, but already saw several things I want to try!