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Jun 21, 2013 11:29 AM

Blue Ginger (Malaysian) is back

Blue Ginger, the Malay/Singaporean restaurant that was next to North China, has re-opened under a new name. It's now called Asian Delights and it's on the southwest corner of Parker and Custer. I went today for lunch and have the following feedback:

Te Tarik was delicious. It's pulled tea so think chai but frothier.

chicken wings were good but not great.

The hokkien mee and kang kong belacan were both awesome. Enjoy.

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  1. Wow, wasn't expecting this would ever happen! Thanks for posting this news. Same owners/cook? Did you notice if sweet and sour fish is still on the menu?

    1. We had a very large meal on the second day he was opened in his new location. I didn't get a chance to take pictures.

      My favorites were the Beef Rendang, Fish Head Curry, Roti Canai and believe it or not a Thai dish, crispy fish curry? I know it was made with crispy fish.

      Owner is the same and I believe he shares the cooking duties or at least the know how. The owner also teamed up with a Thai chef so the Thai side of the menu should be interesting after they loose the opening jitters.

      I believe when we went he said some items were not on the menu yet but he was working on adding them. I would call and ask before making your trek from Tarrant county, foiegras

      They are open everyday except Tuesday

      Phone number - 972-985-8889

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        How does Blue Ginger compare to Secret Recipe in Carrollton?

      2. Had a bowl of Penang Assam Laksa tonight and it was great. From what I could tell, it is a mackerel noodle soup with pineapple, tamarind, chile. But must have other items, because the flavor was complex. Sweet, sour, spicy and earthy. Had some veggie and leafy garnishes, too. Up there with my favorite soups in town. Owner talked to me and was very nice. Says there is a significant Malay demographic here, but he is looking to expand his audience.

        1. So far I thought the Roti Canai and 4 Vegetable Sambal Belacan were great. Murtabak was lacking something. KL Hokkien Noodles and Nasi Lemak were alright but didn't really grab me. Portions are all designed for sharing imo. Curry Laska was pretty good although, as typical, getting to the meat is a bit of work.

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              Thanks for these photos! I don't see the dish I remember, but it may be that they can make it anyway as it's a simple dish ... can't hurt to ask. And if not, I'm sure there are many other great options ...

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              A couple links to descriptions of Malaysian dishes with some pictures.



              Lion City Chinese Cafe across the street to the north has some of the same dishes (with a more Chinese take?)

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                I've eaten most of the menu that I've wanted to try so thought I would write an update. Never had Malaysian food before so just ended up trying a lot.

                The Roti Canai is a terrific flatbread and served with a curry dipping sauce. Simple and addictive. Youtube videos of Murtabak are mouthwatering. The served up product is good but didn't quite meet my mental expectations from watching the videos.

                Flavors are strong but the Chicken Satay was a little skimpy. The Tofu Satay is a different beast. It's a small block of tofu that's been stuffed with bean sprouts. The peanut sauce helps but it's very messy and the flavors are watered down.

                Wish the Curry Puff dough had a little more character but are good. Spring Rolls were average. I liked the Tarik Tea.


                4 Vegetable Sambal Belacan is my winner. I love the flavor of the Sambal Belacan paste, it's a little spicy, and the textures of the veggies are great (eggplant, okra, green beans, lotus root?).

                Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish was alright but I would make it with more spice and leave the sprouts crunchier. Mango Fried Tofu is quite sweet, more than I cared for. Was not a fan of Golden Tofu, was hoping the homemade fried tofu part would really appeal to me but the sauce didn't work for me.

                Fried Noodles:

                Enjoyed KL Hokkien Noodles, Singapore Rice Noodles, and Indian Mee Goreng. The portions are bigger at Lion City but both are pretty good to my palate. I think the Creamy Egg Sauce dishes are Hor Fun which isn't my favorite so I haven't tried them here (I have at Lion City across the street).

                Noodle Soups:

                I didn't care too much for the Hokkien Lor Mee but I did like the Curry Laska. Note that the chicken meat is with bones, generally the case at the better Asian places. Penang Asam Laska is very sour (from the tamarind) and pretty spicy. I think the noodles aren't very inspired, basically thick spaghetti noodles. Haven't decided if I like it or not but it may be growing on me.


                Wasn't really taken with Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang. It feels like an odd mishmash of leftovers. L liked the coconut milk rice but the peanuts, dried fish and other food just didn't work for me.

                House Crispy Chicken is a monstrous pile of food. Several pieces of fried chicken under a mound of veggies that were doused in sweet chili sauce. I ended up liking it although I'm not a fan of sweet chili sauce.

                Hainanese chicken, poached chicken cooled w/ soy sauce, is much better at Lion City imo.

                The traffic at the place is a little slow. I hope they get enough to stick around. Lion City sometimes gets completely packed in contrast.