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Jun 21, 2013 11:03 AM

Grilling bone-in steaks, chops

I only recently started buying bone-in steaks, veal chops, and pork chops. I love to grill, and have great technique with boneless meats, but I am having trouble with the bone-in cuts, particularly the Porterhouse cut. I like beef medium rare, veal medium, and pork medium well. However, if I cook the meat to the preferred temp. on the outer edge, the inside (next to the bone) part of the meat is really underdone, and vice-versa. If it's a T-bone cut, I have less of a problem, because I know where the hot spots are on my grill, and I place the bone over the hot spot. But with the Porterhouse cut, using this method would result in overcooking the filet side. Does anyone have any tips to getting a somewhat more even result, or is this even possible? Do I just have to adjust my expectations? What is your technique for grilling bone-in meats to perfection?

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  1. Sorry, but bone-in cooking is always a bit of a compromise. Hence the introduction of the filet mignon and New York strip from said porterhouse. Safer for the restaurants. Plus it is not gentile to pick up the bone to get all the good bits you missed with knife and fork.

    And this is why I rarely cook steaks for others. My range of what is acceptable is wider than most peoples'. I enjoy well done ribs and medium rare chops.

    1. I suppose if you really just have to have an even doneness throughout, you could take the meat off the bone and then grill it.

      1. The only good tip I know of is to make sure the grill is hot on only one side, then grill the steak with the filet side towards the cooler half of the grill. That way the filet side will cook a bit slower.

        Seems to work well for me and then I just sear it quickly at the end of cooking when it's about 10 degrees below the desired temp.

        1. Thanks, all. I don't mind the unevenness; in fact, I enjoy the more rare bits near the bone. I'm having MIL over for dinner tomorrow, and I have some beautiful veal chops I would like to make for her, but she IS a little more fussy when it comes to doneness (well done - ick, but it's her choice so I'll make her what she likes). Maybe, just for her, I will take hers off the bone before cooking it. Although I do think she would very much enjoy picking up the bone and gnawing on it, something she never gets to do at this point in her life, but which I do remember her doing years ago...

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            If she likes it well done I would leave it on the bone and cook the bejesus out of it.

          2. I read an article in the new Bon Appetit about grilling on a piece of slate. It said to pick up a piece of floor slate at a hardware store. Sounded really interesting.