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It's strawberry season here in the Northeast. Last basket was eaten either right out of the basket, or sliced over pound cake with homemade whipped cream, or over ice cream, or in the morning with yogurt. I'm going to the farm to buy more tomorrow, and I'm thinking maybe I'll do something different with them. What do you like to make when strawberries are in season?

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  1. Yes!!!
    It is strawberry time in the Northwest as well.

    My favorite ways are all with some cream:)

    I make yogurt and love them just sliced on top or mixed in frozen yogurt or ice cream or sliced in a bowl with whipped cream.

    Check out the size of this monster! It was juicy and sweet.

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        What's your technique for making a strawberry slushie?

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          About one part ice, one part water and three parts strawberries. Add sugar to taste and whiz in a blender. Adjust slushie proportions until you find the texture and berry flavour you like. I wish I could give you more exact measures, but I just throw it into a blender and whiz it until it's as thick or watery as I want.

      2. I waaaay overbought this week (2 quarts, I'm really the only one in the house who eats them). I'm planning on serving with balsamic vinegar and powdered sugar for dessert this evening, I've been eating them sliced in my cereal each morning, and lunch today was sliced strawberries with cottage cheese.

        1. Fresh strawberry pie. Here's my recipe using strawberry preserves for the filling instead of jello.


          1. When we picked strawberries (NJ farms early June) we made Smitten Kitchen's buttermilk cake several times; just sub'd diced strawbs for the berry amount. Super easy and fast to put together in the morning and enjoyed with coffee.


              1. I'm splitting a half flat from my CSA with another person - we'll get it on Monday - I can't wait!

                Strawberry shortcake, in fruit bowls with honey, mint, and lime juice; in Greek yogurt, on cereal.

                  1. Love salads with strawberries: romaine, watercress (or other sharp-tasting green), thinly sliced red onion, and sliced berries dressed with a sweet red wine vinaigrette (nothing more than oil, vinegar, lemon juice, sugar, S&P) is quite nice, as is a combination of strawberries, lots of basil, blueberries, romaine with parmesan dressed with walnut or hazelnut oil and fig vinegar, or balsamic vinegar, or even poppyseed dressing.

                    1. I picked about 11 pounds so alot went into the freezer. They freeze really well either flash freeze like blueberries, and will get cooked up this winter with some of the frozen rhubarb. Or slice and mix with a little sugar, let it give off a little juice and then freeze...so good in the winter as is or mixed into yogurt, oatmeal, over pancakes, etc....oh yeah, also letting some soak in vodka and trying out a Rumtopf...a rum fruit salad version....

                      1. just fresh strawberries

                        strawberries in a tossed salad.

                        strawberry parfait with vanilla or chocolate custard or whipped cream

                        strawberry triffle

                        and of course strawberry shortcake

                        1. I love strawberry Bavarian cake from tartine. It is delicious but very special. I want to try making a strawberry poke cake with fresh strawberries.

                          1. I always have grandiose ideas for what I will make once the come into season. Without fail they barely make it home from the farmers market.

                            I bought two big containers today and my son and I devoured them on the way home. I thought I would make a fourth flavor of Ice cream for tonight but what my guests don't know won't hurt them!

                            1. dehydrate some for later

                              1. I am trying out a new recipe. Layer of lady fingers, layer of sliced strawberries with a little sugar added to it. Layer of whipped cream, Repeat once, tea is on this afternoon.

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                                  It was such a lovely and easy recipe and you can really feed a crowd with it depending on quantities.