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Jun 21, 2013 10:48 AM

Dining hints for Vila Real & the Duro for next week - send help

We'll be starting in Lisbon & ending in Oporto - 15 days; all food & wine suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Hi, I suggest you start by looking at some posts on this board, A search for "Douro" (spelt like that) yelds quite a lot of answers.
    Also, if you indicated your particular interests it would help pointing you in the right direction. And finally, what time of year are you planning your expedition?

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      Thanks for your word processing spell check!!! We arrive in Lisbon on 7/1, can't wait.

    2. One small observation: Pinhao is a nice little town that you will likely visit if you are hitting wineries. There are (were) no great places to eat there: you are better off in Regua, Lamego or S. Joao da Pesqueira.

      The Douro is lovely, but it is best to have a car to get around. Arrange winery visits in advance, because, even if they claim regular hours in a tasting room, there may not be anyone around. Don't plan on doing too much in one day.

      1. Lisbon

        Pedro Lemos

        Casa da Calçada Amarante
        Doc Ventosa
        Castas e Pratos Régua
        Vintage Pinhão

        1. I'm probably too late for you but Rui Paula's DOC Restaurant in Folgosa, just outside of Pinhao, is wonderful. Great degustation (choice of two degustation menus), generous wine matching, impeccable service and set over the water.