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Jun 21, 2013 10:32 AM

need help for tonight.

we are going to McMenamins mission theater on Glisan tonight, walking from inn at Northrup station. I am looking for a fresh fish restaurant. so far fish grotto seems to be the best option (we don't mind it being a little out of the way.) my fall back plan is cafe mingo (i know, not fish). we've done Palay's and Wildwood.
any suggestions? I'll be out but will look in as I can. thanks.

ps wonderful dinner at andina last night.

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  1. near Andina~ish. Or keep walking for an alternative to fish -

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    1. re: DanielLP

      thanks, We went to Riffen. nice place. the beat salad was phenomenal. the black cod was cook right, but the olive balsamic we were looking forward to was lost in the red peper/pimento sause. all and all a nice place though.

    2. Friends don't let friends eat at the Fish Grotto. Do. Not. Do. It.

      Riffle or Irving Street Kitchen in the Pearl might do the trick. Riffle is seafood/fish specific, ISK will have a fish choice or three - always more than a couple of good fish choices there.

      Masu for sushi is not far, but it isn't anywhere near the best sushi in town.

      Basta's (Italian, but often some good fish choices) and North 45 (great mussels but not really fish - it's a pub/bar with decent food) are also worth considering on NW 21st.

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