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Jun 21, 2013 08:54 AM

costco cherries

Inglewood and MDR don't have any. What's up?

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  1. The cool, wet spring has delayed the bulk of this year's crop. They're around, and should be everywhere in the next few days.

    1. On a related note: Does anyone know if CostCo frozen cherries part of the CostCo frozen berry recall? I have a giant bag in my freezer.

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      1. re: ninrn

        No. The organic berry mix with sour cherries and pom (delicious) that we had a misfortune of buying twice was part of the recall.

      2. The local crop is almost gone and the Michigan crop is delayed and small.

        1. who has good cherries then? I was getting mine from albertsons and they weren't good or inexpensive.

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          1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

            isn't the california cherry season just about over?

                1. re: maudies5

                  i thought the california cherries were pretty darn good this year, no matter where i bought them.

                  1. re: linus

                    I had some excellent cherries from the farmers' market in early May. They continued through the month, and as of last week a couple of vendors still had them but they were at their peak in May (at least from local sources).

                    1. re: Jack Flash

                      Not sure anybody is interested now, but I just got a 2 lb. clamshell of Rainers at Costco Hawthorne for $8.99. The label said they were from Selah, Washington. They also had the red ones, but I later forgot to check out the size, cost and origin.

          2. About a month ago my sister gave me some Rainiers she got from a friend who goes down to San Diego and who got them at a Costco down there. They were good, but I didn't really pay attention to the label on the clamshell container.